Tackling anti-social behaviour in West Ealing – WEN public meeting Thurs 26th April 7.30pm

Tackling anti-social behaviour in West Ealing

Public meeting on Thursday 26th April  7.30-9pm in the lounge at St John’s Church in Mattock Lane

Come and join us to hear about some of the major projects happening in West Ealing:

Tackling anti-social behaviour

It’s just a year since the Public Space Protection Order came in to force in the centre of West Ealing. How effective has it been?  Do you think it’s resulted in less anti-social behaviour or is it just the same as ever?  Come and hear the Council’s Safer Communities Team report back on the PSPO’s first year.

Making West Ealing more attractive to shoppers

Do you shop in West Ealing?  Anna Elliott the new chief executive of the West Ealing Business improvement District has some ambitions plans to make it a nicer place to shop.  Hear what plans she has to attract more shoppers.

Liveable Neighbourhoods –transforming West Ealing

Ealing Council has won £8.6 million from TfL’s Liveable Neighbourhoods fund to improve West Ealing town centre and its surrounding streets to make conditions better for walking, cycling and public transport. It’s early days but come and find out a bit more about this major scheme.

Electing a new WEN management committee

We need people to join our management committee.  It doesn’t have to take a lot of your time. If you’re interested do please email WEN chair David Highton to find out what’s involved – westealingneighbours@gmail.com

We will also report back on our activities in 2016 and 2017 along with an update on West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum’s plan covering central West Ealing which goes to a vote Thursday 3rd May.

Website: www.westealingneighbours.org.uk

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/124290860921562/

Email: westealingneighbours@gmail.com

Hunt the Easter Bunny and Easter Egg-stravaganza – free family fun in West Ealing this weekend

Lots of activities for families in West Ealing this weekend:

Easter Arts & Crafts in Melbourne Avenue Friday to Sunday 11am-5pm

  • make an Easter Bunny mask
  • paint your own Easter eggs
  • Easter colouring

Plus a chance to win a super Easter Egg.

Also, the BID Bunny Easter Trail.  Pick up your free map from Wilko and follow the trail to find the Easter pictures and collect your prize at the end of the trail. Runs from 24th March to 7th April 9.30am – 5pm in West Ealing town centre.

Look here for more details.

Both events funded by the In West Ealing (West Ealing Business Improvement District)



Closure plans for Ealing Hospital revealed

A Freedom of Information (FOI) reply has revealed plans to create a 50 bed frailty/elderly unit within refurbished parts of the closed down EDGH. The FOI reply document arrived on 21 February 2018. The FOI planning document is dated 16 June 2017. This document has the snappy title of ‘Client section (call-off) of a PSCP from the Procure 22 Framework: Information Pack for SaHF/STP Implementation Programme for London North West Healthcare NHS Trust’. Some eight months later I can’t believe there isn’t a more recent version of the document.

Rather confusingly the frailty/elderly residential unit for 50 people is called ‘Ealing Local Hospital’ (ELH). The 2012 NHS North West London ‘Shaping a Healthier Future’ (SaHF) changes never envisioned a ‘Local Hospital’ offering in-patient beds. Apparently the writing of the detailed/full business case for closing the 327 bedded EDGH and creating the 50 bedded ELH will commence in March 2018. ‘External approval’ of this business case is not expected until December 2019. These dates should be taken with a pinch of salt as they are eight months old, the overall SaHF business case was rejected by NHS Improvement and NHS England in November 2017 and NHS bosses are famous for creating schedule dates that are never met.

What will be housed in this ELH is still not set in stone. An Urgent Care Centre is likely to remain and to this will be added a range of day care, outpatients, diagnostic, therapy and maybe mental health services. However what is clear is that there will be no ‘traditional’ A&E services, no intensive care services, no operating theatres and no ambulances will ever deliver seriously injured or chronically sick Ealing residents to the ELH. One of the two 25 bed ‘Intermediate Care’ wards at Clayponds in South Ealing will close and effectively move to ELH.

Seemingly there will be no new build on the EDGH site. So any grandiose plans that might once have existed for a new ELH are no more. It’s all now about ‘refurbishment’ of the ‘light’, ‘heavy’ or ‘major’ flavour. London Borough of Ealing (LBE) planning permission may not be needed for this re-purposing.

There’s only one explicit mention of demolition on the EDGH site, with no spatial details provided. If it’s going to be all refurbishing and repurposing, this may result in no or limited land release for housing. LBE may be disappointed by this and may lose some interest in the site as it careers headlong into meeting Mayor Khan’s target of 28,000 new homes in Ealing by 2029.

The date for the closure of EDGH is by no means clear. Maybe one could reasonably surmise that the EDGH closure process began in July 2015 with the closure of Maternity services at the hospital. The opening date of the ELH is also far from clear. It’s December 2023 on page 3 and June 2025 on page 9 of the document.

Eric Leach, 21 February 2018

Views sought on proposed ‘buffer zone’ around Marie Stopes clinic in Mattock Lane

Ealing Council is asking for views on a proposed Safe Zone outside the Marie Stopes clinic on Mattock Lane.

The Public Spaces Protection Order (PSPO) is being proposed in Ealing to stop harassment and intimidation for women visiting the clinic and also improve the quality of life for residents.

The proposed area is the length and breadth of Mattock Lane and will prohibit within that area people from congregating, displaying images and from approaching or monitoring people accessing the clinic.

The council is particularly keen to hear the views of people who live, work or visit Mattock Lane or the immediate surrounding areas as well as clinic users and staff.

Following the council’s research and investigation into the issue of behaviours of groups outside the clinic, a report was presented to cabinet members on Tuesday, 16 January 2017, where members agreed to proceed with an eight week consultation.

Councillor Ranjit Dheer, cabinet member for community services and safety, said: “Our research has shown that the Ealing community would welcome the idea of enforcement action being taken against those committing anti-social behaviour in the area.

“It is about making sure residents and visitors to the clinic are not harassed and intimidated. In the absence of any alternative form of control emerging, the creation of a PSPO will be considered by the council.”

PSPOs are designed to discourage anti-social behaviour from happening in an area by barring certain behaviours. If the PSPO is breeched council officers and the police would have additional powers to take enforcement action to tackle anti-social behaviour within the area.

The consultation is open from Monday, 29 January and will finish on Monday, 26 March 2018. If you would like to know more and share your views about the proposed PSPO please do so via www.ealing.gov.uk/safezone.

If you have any further queries or feedback about the proposed PSPO, please email SaferCommunities@ealing.gov.uk or call 020 8825 5994.

Once this consultation has closed, the council will collate all the feedback and review then present to cabinet to decide if a PSPO should be implemented. If approved, the PSPO will come into effect in April 2018.

Iconic art-deco Hoover building’s restoration almost complete

A photo in today’s business news reminded me just how fantastic looking  the Hoover building is on the A40 at Perivale.  It’s good to read that its restoration is nearly complete.  As well as the facade, there are some stunning art deco features inside which I happened to see some photos of in the Council’s glossy magazine for developers Ealing London.

Detail of lift dial

There’s a brief history of the building on the IDM properties website. The restored building is being converted in to 66 apartments.  What about the Gillette building on the A4 next?

Photos courtesy of IDM Properties




Ealing Council cabinet approves West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood plan

On 16 January 2018, Ealing Council Cabinet approved the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum (WECNF) Neighbourhood Plan. WECNF, a Government designated body of volunteers, began working on the plan as an interim body in May 2012 and continued as a designated body as from March 2013.

On 3 May 2018, at the same time as and in the same Polling Stations as the Ealing Councillor Elections, two referenda will take place on the plan. One is for local businesses and the other is for local residents. Ealing Council has yet to announce the boundary of the referendum area. If over 50% of those who vote in both referenda vote ‘Yes’ then the Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by Ealing Council as the statutory planning guidance for the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Area. As such it would join the Ealing Council Local Plan, The London Plan and the National Planning Policy Framework as the set of planning guides for property developers to follow in central West Ealing.


Eric Leach

Chair, WECNF


Crisis in social care – a public meeting on Mon 29th Jan 2-4pm at Bakers House 37 The Grove W5

The Crisis in Social Care – a public meeting

Monday 29th January 2-4pm at Bakers House, 37 The Grove, Ealing W5 5DX

The discussion will be led by Eric Leach, researcher in to healthcare, and Mary Lancaster UNISON organiser in the borough. Ealing councillors will be invited.

Further information: SAGE secretary Colin Lomas

colinlomas83@gmail.com  07909 896541


Feeding pigeons is bad enough but dumping food waste…!

I’m the first to admit I find fly-tipping and feeding pigeons extremely irritating.  Both are anti-social and give no thought to the problems they cause. However, when I saw that someone had emptied the contents of their food waste bin on the patch of grass by Sainsbury’s …….well, that’s just too much.  I’ve cleaned it up this morning but how could someone think this was a good idea?  The pigeons aren’t likely to eat eggshells, teabags, banana skins and orange peel. It will just attract rats.

The Council knows this patch of grass is a problem and will, I hope, one day soon redesign the area to put in some communal flower beds and signs asking people not to feed the pigeons. WEN has offered to help and I’m sure we can get volunteers to help when the time comes. In the meantime though I just hope no one else thinks it’s good for wildlife to empty out the contents of their food waste bin and let it rot away and attract rats.

And today (Friday) there was a pile of bread in exactly the same place. However, when I went back a bit later to clear it up it had already gone. So many thanks to whoever was kind enough to do that.

Is it a warm welcome for the black and orange mobikes?

The mobikes with their distinctive livery of orange and black have suddenly started appearing all across Ealing. They arrived in St James Ave West Ealing at the end of last week.

Mobikes, owned by Beijing Mobike  Technology Company, are very popular in China.  I can personally vouch for their popularity In Shanghai where bicycle riders seem to make no difference between roads and pavements!.

The idea of having lots of bikes available to hire is a great idea and they make good use of modern technology. However, a key question is whether users will return them to designated places or leave them dotted about the streets?  Time will tell.