WEN Reading Group is involved in a research project

In August 2010 we read Iris Murdoch’s ‘The Bell’ for one of our monthly meetings.  As always our book choices are suggested and discussed by members of the group before being agreed upon.  This has led us to some interesting reads, things we haven’t always liked, but others that have been riveting and an experience we wouldn’t have ventured upon on our own.

‘The Bell’ was an interesting choice not just because it was an enjoyable novel to read or that it led to an interesting discussion but also because it has been taken as the novel for Liz Broomfield, a freelance copy editor, to centre her research around.  Interested in the book choices made by reading groups Liz has noticed that these tend to be those in the media, recently published or promoted, prize winners or classics.  This misses out an enormous amount of fiction that would make great material for a reading group.

As we’ve read ‘The Bell’ we are in the process of answering Liz’ questionnaire which will become part of her research which is a private project but one that the Iris Murdoch Society is interested in and may in due course publish a summary of the project in their newsletter.

Take a look at the project blog:  http://libroediting.wordpress.com/irismurdochproject/

Or the website for the Iris Murdoch Society: http://fass.kingston.ac.uk/research/iris-murdoch/society/

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