OPEN Ealing performances and exhibitions coming soon

Digital Photographic Exhibition
Celebrating work by the students of OPEN’s Digital Photography course led by Rod Morris

Thursday 30 April


Green Man Lane Cafe

Free admission

Misfits of London: The Gin Chronicles
27 April – 1 May

St James Studio, 12 Palace Street. London SW1E 5JA
Directed by OPEN’s Artistic Director, Anthony Shrubsall, The Misfits of London are back, but in a new guise.
World War II is over, and in a time of austerity 5 unique performers, including an ex-spy and a cross-channel swimming hero, welcome you into the warmth and eccentric charm of their radio studio to perform “The Gin Chronicles”, the first episode in a series of radio style-comedy thrillers.
This is a fast paced period comedy with a decent splash of satire that should be just the tonic for any audience.
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White Bear Theatre | London SE11
28 April – 2 May
A new play by WALLY SEWELL and directed by ANTHONY SHRUBSALL; first performed at the Ealing Autumn Festival has transferred to the White Bear Theatre in Kennington Park Road.

In 1941, fleeing from the Nazis, radical left-wing German playwright, Bertolt Brecht, found himself in Hollywood where he met the British movie star Charles Laughton. Orbits imagines their working relationship as they collaborated for three intense, creative years on the translation of Das Leben des Galilei (The Life of Galileo) for its American premiere.

The premiere was directed by Joseph Losey with Laughton playing Galileo. It took place in 1947 against a background of the bombing of Hiroshima and increasing anti-communist paranoia.
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6 x 10 Theatre
Saturday 9 May

Green Man Lane Cafe
Performance starts at 7.30pm

Cost: £8 | £6 Concessions | £4 GML residents

Email to reserve a place

OPEN Music Saturday 23 May
An evening of musical delight featuring Sheila Moylan, Madara Vilson and the Vaudevillians

Green Man Lane Cafe

Performance starts at 7.30pm
Cost: £8 | £6 Concessions | £4 GML residents
Email to reserve a place

Sheila Moylan is an accomplished musician and vocalist. She is well known locally and has recently performed at OPEN when she delighted the audience with her repertoire and Irish Harp.

With her distinctive mix of genres, languages and powerful voice range, London-based Estonian singer Madara Vilson will take you on a musical journey sure to be the perfect entertainment for any event in search of elegant and sophisticated entertainment. From beloved jazz standards to soulful and technically challenging Russian romances, sultry bossas to cheeky swing, all wrapped up in a dazzling on-stage persona, Madara’s tastefully mixed repertoire with the ability to entertain in 6 different languages – English, Russian, German, French, Estonian, and Latvian – is sure to entice and unify the most varied of audiences. Tonight she is accompanied by Alex Menaker on guitar and will perform an enticing set entitled You Must Believe in Spring.

The Vaudevillians will round off the evening with their usual flair and panache – taking you on a journey through the different worlds they inhabit.

Dangerous driving in the Draytons

We received and email recently detailing some serious concerns about people’s driving in the Draytons.  The main concern was about drivers going too fast along Drayton Grove right next to Drayton Green Primary School. In one witnessed incident a young boy on his bike was forced to duck behind a parked car to avoid a speeding driver:

‘I don’t want to sound dramatic, but just a few minutes ago at 8.55am I watched a parent drive down the Grove from the school (a purple Ford Fiesta) at a speed that if I had to guess exceeded 30mph, forcing a boy on a bicycle (helmetless) to duck behind a car. Leaving aside the Highway Code, what staggers me is the poor actions demonstrated. As she passed the boy, not one but two black cars waiting to drive down the street didn’t even consider the child, literally pushed past and accelerated down towards the school.

Even after this the child abandoned trying to cycle down the street altogether – a light blue Fiat 500 made no attempt at reducing its speed or even allowing him to pass, so he was forced to duck behind my car, and then cycle down the pavement.

This is discouraging. This was a lone child on a bicycle.

As I type I have seen several other cars arriving at a minute to 9 or shortly after 9, all driving much too quickly.’

There do not appear to be school warning signs in the surrounding streets and any speede limits indicated in contrast with others schools in the area which are now in 20mph zones.

The Council has asked officers to respond to these concerns. Nevertheless, given that Crossrail is likely to make the roads in the Draytone even busier, it seems that now is a good time for a review of traffic in this area.


OPEN Ealing exhibition launches on Thursday


All In That There Is

Opening times:
Thursday 10.30am – 9.30pm – private view from 6.30pm
Friday 10.30am – 8pm
Saturday 10.30am – 6pm
Sunday 10.30am – 2pm

Venue: The Welshore Community Hub, 99 The Broadway, West Ealing (next to the now closed Morrisons on the corner of Uxbridge Rd and St James Ave)

OPEN will be showcasing an original video installation by Jack Jones. All In That There Is presents a series of experimental film and digital animations using formats commonly associated of social media, language and popular culture. Merging the distinction between fine art and every day culture to create a point of access where the necessity to understand what the viewer is looking at is not important.

There is a poetic theme that runs across the video that engages cross culturally using different languages, word games and references. the moving images act as settings or landscapes to give a context to the texts

More information about OPEN Ealing here











Perivale Wood Open Day on Sunday 26th April

Perivale Wood Open Day is next Sunday 26th 10am-4.30pm.

I’ve always meant to go on one of these Open Days as it sounds great so thanks to Nicola Goddard for posting this on our Facebook page:
‘Enjoy a walk through the bluebells, refreshments, Morris Dancing, children’s activities and more!!
Free entrance. This is the only day of the year that the reserve is open to the general public.
Entrance between 36 and 38 Sunley Gardens, Perivale, UB6 7PE’

Goodbye to Morrisons in West Ealing

Perhaps no great surprise that Morrisons, the one on the corner of the Uxbridge Road and St James Ave, is closing down today.  It must have been one of the 33 stores earmarked for closure as part of their reorganisation.  It never looked very busy whenever I passed by.  It’s just that block away from the main shopping area so not enough passing footfall.  I hope the staff are all able to be move to other nearby Morrisons stores.  It’s an odd position for a shop so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, takes its place. Could it work as permanent home for the Ealing Blueprint co-working business hub?