Have your say on how central Ealing will develop in next 10 years

London’s first business area neighbourhood plan


Local democracy has taken a step forward in Central Ealing, with the start of public consultation on a neighbourhood plan for the Ealing Broadway area.
The Central Ealing Neighbourhood Forum, the body jointly representing businesses and residents, has been working on the details of a local plan which will influence development in the town centre over the next 10 years.
The Forum’s Plan concentrates on four sets of issues, based on earlier consultation. These cover the future of Ealing’s economy (shops, offices and jobs); its heritage of architecture and green space; transport and the public realm; and cultural and community facilities.
Comments are being invited on a range of policies and recommended actions developed from ideas received from the public. When the comments have been received on these proposals, the Forum’s final plan will be submitted to Ealing Council for review by an independent Examiner, who will check it to see it meets statutory requirements. It will then be put to a local referendum.
If approved, the proposals will be adopted as part of Ealing’s official Local Plan. Details can be seen and responses sent in through the Forum’s website. The deadline for response is 8th April.

Draft Neighbourhood Plan for West Ealing launched


After more than three years of hard work the West Ealing Centre Neigbourhood Forum has launched its draft plan for central West Ealing.  WECNF now wants your comments on its plan to enable them to finalise it and send it out for formal consultation and , if successful, for formal adoption as part of the planning framework  for West Ealing.  This plan is important for all of us who live and work in West Ealing.  It’s about how we want the centre of West Ealing to be developed over the next 15 years.  It will help decide what sort of commercial and housing developments happen, what they can look like, how high they can build, where they can be built and much, much more.  This plan matters.

The plan is now available on WECNF’s website.  There is a public meeting where it will be presented and you can give your views on Wednesday 2nd March 7.30pm at The Welshore Community Hub, 99 Broadway, West Ealing W13 9BP.

You can also email your comments to WECNF (details on their website) and the deadline is Monday 14th March.


Open meeting to discuss a local online network for West Ealing Weds 9 March

Open meeting to discuss a local online network for central West Ealing – Wednesday 9th March 6-8pm at The Welshore Community Hub

This is a project funded by the Council’s Riot Recovery/High Street Fund. If there is sufficient interest then the aim is to set up an open and inclusive resource that’s easy to use and for local residents to :

– share views and information about their area
– find ways to influence decisions and bring about improvements
– get connected with more people in the area, both online and face to face
-discuss issues that interest them

The team involved have researched what already exists online so know about the various blogs, website and FB pages for the area.

The meeting will explore the options for developing and/or integrating these sites to establish a widely-used independent resource.

Anyone interested in helping improve communication in West Ealing is welcome to come along.

New business co-working hub coming to West Ealing

The Council has been successful in securing the funding to open a full-scale business hub in West Ealing.  It’s taken a while to get here.  I had some small involvement in the original feasibility study for a business co-working hub in West Ealing which was written and researched in 2013 by a group of people who, at the time, all worked/volunteered at OPEN Ealing. I think this is great news for West Ealing so congratulations to everyone involved in securing the money and good luck with getting the hub up and running by the autumn.  Here’s an extract from the latest newsletter from the Walpole Ward councillors:

‘The council has secured funding from the Mayor of London’s Regeneration Fund for a new business co-working hub that will open in the autumn and will offer a home for new and small businesses in St James Avenue, West Ealing. Businesses, social enterprises, homeworkers and self-employed will be able to rent desks and meeting rooms and network with each other. There may also be space for a crèche.

This follows a successful trial last year when the council set up a co-working space in a former insurance shop in West Ealing. This was known as Ealing Blueprint and was used by a wide variety of businesses and individuals during the 6 months of the trial.’

Celebrating Ealing’s cultutal hertitage: Ealing Music and Film Valentine Festival 10-14 February


This year’s event features an exciting range of events.  The musical programme includes the English Chamber Orchestra and the Ealing Youth Orchestra. Two films from Ealing Studios along with some exciting films from young directors promise some great viewing  Boogie pianist Ben Walters and blues guitaristRamon Goose perform at the legendary Red Room.

For more information and the full programme, visit www.ealingmusicandfilmfestival.org.

10 minutes to help make West Ealing a safer place

One of WEN’s biggest concerns for West Ealing for quite some time has been the anti-social behaviour related to alcohol. We see two aspects to this behaviour. The first is groups of street drinkers who are often in and around Dean Gardens, Melbourne Ave and other regular spots. We have no problem with RISE and the essential addiction recovery services it runs, but groups of street drinkers can intimidate and upset residents and shoppers. The second is the more serious problem of occasional violent behaviour by young men, often on a Friday night/Saturday morning. The latter group have harassed traders at the weekly farmers’ market and disturbed residents of homes close to Dean Gardens.

WEN is very active in working with local faith groups, the police, community groups, businesses, councillors and Ealing Council to tackle these issues. There is now a major opportunity for you to help us tackle one of the key causes of this anti-social behaviour – the availability of alcohol in West Ealing any time of day or night. The licences of two off licences are up for review following work by the police to gather evidence of alcohol being sold to a minor, the storage of non-duty paid goods, the sale of alcohol to intoxicated people and the employment of illegal immigrants. The two licences are those of Cudi and Broadway International, both very close to Dean Gardens. Cudi’s licence is currently from 8am to midnight and Broadway International’s is 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

WEN and other groups will be responding to these licence consultations. If you have been affected by alcohol-induced anti-social behaviour we hope you will take a few minutes to respond to this consultation. It is worth knowing that the Council’s current policy is for core licensing hours of 8am-11pm Monday to Saturday and 10am-10.30pm on Sunday. Neither Cudi’s nor International Broadway’s licences operate within these hours at the moment.

To object you need to do so under one of four specific headings:
• Prevention of crime and disorder
• Public safety
• Prevention of public nuisance
• Protection of children from harm
If you have specific instances of anti-social behaviour it would be good to include these in your comments.

It’s important to read the information on the Council’s website first and you can find this a here. This includes the specific police concerns for both shops. As each review is separate you will need to send in separate submissions for each off licence. You can email your comments to licensing@ealing.gov.uk or write them in a letter and send it to The Licensing Team, Regulatory Services, Perceval House, 14-16 Uxbridge Road, Ealing W5 2HL and the closing date is Friday 19th February.

New bus route proposed from Ealing Hospital to Northwick Park Hospital

TfL is proposing to change the 83 bus route:

‘Route 83 is a 24-hour service that runs daily between Golders Green and Ealing Hospital serving Hendon, Wembley, Alperton, Hanger Lane and Ealing. Buses run approximately every 8 minutes during the day Mondays to Saturdays, every 10 minutes during the day on Sundays and every 12 minutes on all evenings. The overnight service runs every 30 minutes on all nights of the week.

What are we proposing?

Route 83
We propose to shorten route 83 so that it would run between Golders Green and Alperton station only, and not continue on to Ealing Hospital as it does now. The frequency of this service would remain unchanged.  It would no longer be a 24-hour service; however new route N83 would continue to provide the night service covering all stops served by the current 83.

New route 483
We propose to introduce a new bus route, numbered 483, between Harrow town centre and Ealing Hospital. The proposed new route would start at Harrow bus station, and then run via College Road, Station Road, Kenton Road, Watford Road and East Lane. Buses would go along Wembley Hill Road and then follow the line of the existing route 83 from Empire Way and Wembley Stadium station to Ealing Hospital.  Buses would return over the same roads.

Buses would run every 8 minutes during the day Monday to Saturday, every 10 minutes during the day on Sundays and every 12 minutes all evenings.

The proposed new route would introduce a bus service to a 400 metre section of Wembley Hill Road between Empire Way and Wembley Park Drive for the first time. We are working with the London Borough of Brent to determine whether bus stops could be introduced here.

Our proposals would provide many new direct links between places in North West London not currently possible and give additional capacity between Wembley, Northwick Park and Harrow supplementing route 182. For some though, who currently travel on route 83 between places north of Wembley and south of Alperton, a change of bus may be required to complete their journey. This would affect approximately 1,680 passengers a day, about five per cent of passengers currently using route 83 on weekdays.’

Full details here