Petition to save art deco ‘Woolworths’ facade

West Ealing Centre Neighbourghood Forum (WECNF) has launched a petition to save the old Woolworths art deco facade from demolition as part of a planned redevelopment of the site by A2Dominion housing asociation.  WECNF has produced a spatial plan for the centre of West Ealing which includes a list of key heritage buildings/features it wishes to see preserved. The Woolworths facade is on this list.

You can read more about this story on this blog

You can sign their petition via their website.  

How can we make this patch of grass by Sainsbury’s look better?



I’m sure you all know this little piece of green on the corner by Sainsbury’s. It is home to dozens of pigeons, frequently covered in bits of bread and, sometimes, black bags of dumped rubbish.  It seems such a shame that it’s become an eyesore. What can we do to make it look better? If we can come up with some ideas WEN can put them to the Council and talk to them about these ideas.

I’ve heard a few ideas suggested such as cycle racks, artwork/sculpture and flowers, herbs and  shrubs (that can withstand the pigeons). I’m sure there are lots of other possibilities. Could you please spare just a few minutes to give us your ideas and comments so we can put these to the council. I can’t guarantee what the Council will decide but I’m confident we can put some really good ideas to them.

Pease email your ideas to us at

Many thanks for your help.

Plans for 118 homes up to 15 storeys high for old Woolworths site in West Ealing

Local housing association A2Dominion revealed its plans for the old Woolworths site in West Ealing at a public exhibition last Saturday.  Key points in their plans include:

  • 118 homes with 35% affordable (of the affordable homes 60% will be affordable rent and 40% shared ownership)
  • 11 storeys at front on Uxbridge Rd and 15 at the back on Singapore Rd
  • The art-deco facade will go as it is in poor repair and very restricting on how the new building could be designed making in financially unviable
  • the facade on to the Uxbridge Rd will compliment the proposed next door BHS site development
  • No parking but 172 cycle spaces
  • retail outlets retained on ground floor

A2Dominion is already developing the nearby Green Man Lanes Estate and the next door site, the old BHS building, is awaiting development with up to 135 homes.

A2Dominion want to hear your views on their plans. The detailed plans and how to have your say are on their website.  February 2020 – this website no longer works.