Cameras to replace some barriers for West Ealing South LTN

Ealing Council has announced that number plate recognition cameras (ANPR) will replace physical barriers at three sites in the West Ealing South LTN following further consultation with the emergency services.. These are:

Junction of Oaklands Rd and Grosvenor Rd

Junction of Leighton Rd and Seaford Rd

Junction of Leighton Rd and Coldershaw Rd

What isn’t clear is whether only emergency vehicles are allowed through these new checks or whether residents living in this LTN can drive through them. We will try to clarify this. The Council’s update about this can be found here.

West Ealing North LTN due soon

The West Ealing North LTN which covers the area north from The Broadway to the railway line and west from Drayton Green Rd to Eccleston Rd is due to be implemented very soon. One of its key features will be the westbound only route for vehicles through from Drayton Green Rd to Eccleston Rd and on to The Broadway to go westwards to Hanwell.

Plans for 26-storey tower for redevelopment of Perceval House site

The long-awaited planning application for the redevelopment of Perceval House on Ealing Council’s own land has been submitted. In brief, the application details plans for 477 flats, the Council’s new and smaller headquarters along with a new library and office space.

The development will accommodate seven new buildings including a 26-storey tower. It looks as if this development will take the same approach as Dickens Yard and put the taller buildings at the back (north) of the site near the railway line.

The above image, taken from the application, shows the planned development from the Uxbridge Road.

Concerns about the number of tall towers already built, being built and planned to be built in the borough were looked at in a special film made by Red Block Rebels back in May of this year. The planned 26-storey tower for the Perceval House site is featured in this film though some of the other details may now have changed slightly.

71% strongly oppose West Ealing South Low Traffic Neighbourhood

71% of W13, W7 and W5 residents who responded to West Ealing Neighbours’ online survey ‘strongly oppose’ the West Ealing South Low Traffic Neighbourhood (LTN 21)

West Ealing Neighbours (WEN) carried out this online survey between 25 August and 6 September 2020.

There were 921 responses. There was a high response rate from the West Ealing ‘Australian’ roads namely Adelaide, St Kilda and Sydney Roads.

13% of respondents are ‘strongly in favour’.

92% of respondents are car owners and 64% are bike owners.

25% did not know about the LTN.

People who reported to not owning a car are equally strongly in favour or against (38% vs 37% of the total ‘No’ to the car question).

People who reported not owning a bike are slightly more against the LTN than people with a bike (77% vs 69%).

Our thanks to everyone who took part in this survey. We will run our second survey in November and the final survey in February as the six-month consultation period comes to an end.

Screening of documentary on air pollution controversy at Southall Waterside development – Tuesday 8th Sept 7.30pm

Southall Waterside is an 88 acre redevelopment on part of the old Southall Gasworks site. It has proved controversial almost from the word go with many local residents campaigning about the air pollution caused by the work to clean the soil.

The group Clean Air for Southall and Hayes are hosting an online screening of the Guardian made documentary about this controversy – ‘Is My Neighbourhood Poisoning Me?’ It is showing on Tuesday 8th September 7.30pm – 8.30pm and details are here.

Finding your way round the West Ealing LTN and more

Bollards have been removed and planters overturned but loathe it or love it the West Ealing Low Traffic Neighbourhood south of The Broadway is here – at least for the next six months.

The local online tv channel Exposure Box has produced two videos about LTNs. One with the arguments for and one with arguments against.

One question we have been asked is how to find your way round the LTN. This map may help. It was posted on our Facebook page by Street Parks for Ealing . This is a new group, set up in the wake of Covid, which supports the idea of trying to retain the quietness of streets experienced during lockdown. The map may help people work out how to access local roads, not least delivery drivers who are not familiar with the area.

Keeping a record of problems with the LTN 21 – West Ealing LTN

The Action Group which has been formed to coordinate activities relating specifically to this LTN (ie the area bounded by Uxbridge Road, Northfield Ave, Boston Road, Swyncombe Ave) have suggested it would be useful to compile an incident log.

This could be difficulties, delivery problems, log jams, collisions, accidents (sadly), dangerous situations, emergencies etc. Please give dates, times and exact locations if possible – photos would be great.

The group is hoping to set up a dedicated email mail box but until then please email