Council announces immediate end to West Ealing South LTN (21)

Following Hounslow Council’s decision to close Swyncombe Ave for two months for road works Ealing Council has decided this makes LTN21 unworkable. As a result, it will dismantle all the road blocks over this weekend (22/23 may) and restore the area to how it was previously.

Ealing Council plans to consult on some areas of LTN21 which local residnets say are successful. The new Council leader Peter Mason has said all the remaining LTNs will be subject to a CPZ style consultation for a vote for residents vto say if LTNs will work for their neighbourhood.

Ealing Council’s website has the full statement and a video of Peter Mason announcing the LTN changes is here.

Last chance to stop the redevelopment of Perceval House

We have received this from Save Ealing’s Centre:

‘On March 31st Ealing’s Council’s planning committee approved the plans to redevelop the Council’s Perceval House offices and build a 26 storey tower. London Borough of Ealing  needs the Mayor’s approval to proceed. Sadiq will decide on Monday May 23rd.  He can ‘call in’ the plans for a public hearing for everyone to have their say.  We have a week to persuade him that he should listen to the views of everyone who objected so strongly against it.


Write today to Jules Pipe, the Mayor’s deputy for planning – – to ask for a public hearing. You can use this model letter:

Dear Sadiq,

Please listen to local people.

At an unscheduled meeting during the pre-election period Ealing Council’s planning committee approved plans to replace its Perceval House offices with new offices and a 26 storey tower. If the scheme goes ahead it will cause untold harm to local communities and destroy the character of our own centre. As a partner of the developers, the Council has serious conflicts of interest in the plans. This has led it to ignore over 2300 objections from the community. Please listen to local people and call in the plans so that they can be properly considered at a public hearing at which all sides can have their say.

You can add other points to highlight your particular objections. These could include:

  • The 26-storey tower would be unacceptably high in a suburban location.
  • It would dominate nearby listed buildings including the recently restored Grade 1 Pitzhanger Manor.
  • The character of Ealing would be seriously harmed.
  • The tower will take light from hundreds of homes.
  • The proposal is mainly for one or two bedroomed flats, not suitable for families
  • Built on public land more than 50% of the new homes should be affordable
  • There would be very little play space for families
  • Ealing Council no longer even needs the new offices it plans to build
  • There is no need for new shop units when Dickens Yard sites remain empty.
  • High polluting construction traffic will be using residential streets for years
  • Redeveloping Perceval House which is less than 40 years old is not sustainable environmental

Please copy what you say into the GLA’s comments page.

Thank You from Save Ealing’s Centre group’

Last chance to save Victoria Hall

The Friends of Victoria Hall have sent out this appeal for donations to save it:

The Friends of Victoria Hall (FoVH) urgently need your help to keep the Victoria Hall open for community use.

The Hall was the centre of civic life in Ealing for 125 years until it was shut down in 2019. It has hosted presidents and prime ministers, concerts, multicultural celebrations, public enquiries, election hustings and election counts, exhibitions from art to model railways, protest meetings, blood donation drives, graduation ceremonies, dance classes, amateur dramatics, film societies, NHS cardiac rehabilitation and anti-smoking classes and much more. This will all end if LBE disposes of it.

On March 12 the Charity Commission said it would allow Ealing Council to hand over the Hall to hotel operators Mastcraft. Friends of Victoria Hall say the Hall was built with funds raised from the community to commemorate Queen Victoria’s Jubilee as a place for public use. It doesn’t belong to the Council and they have no right to dispose of it.

FoVH is working with one of the UK’s top charity lawyers to appeal the Charity Commission’s ruling. Their appeal will be dealt with by the Charity Tribunal with a judge presiding over it, so it will cost money. FoVH need your help to pay the legal fees. 

The Friends urgently need your help. Please pledge as much as you can to help us cover the legal costs. Be sure to sign up for Gift Aid to make your donation go even further – the HM Charity reference number is ZD045A7. The people of Ealing will be in your debt for generations to come for helping to save this precious community amenity.

Please help with a donation on FoVH’s Crowd Justice page (and don’t forget to agree to Gift Aid):

More information:

Facebook: Twitter:

You can find out more about the hall, it’s history and some of the local personalities who want to save it on this short video

And there is more about the Victoria Hall saga on the local Ealing videonews outlet on Exposurebox at


Save Ealing’s Centre Group