May 252016

News just in – the Secretary of State is calling in for review the Ealing Council approved plans for redeveloping the centre of Ealing Broadway at 9-42 The Broadway. The plans for this were controversially passed by the Council despite considerable opposition from residents’ and heritage groups.  This is now the second time plans for this site have been called in by the Secretary of State.  The previous plan from Glenkerrin was passed by Ealing Council, called in by the Secretary of State who then rejected the plan.

The full story is on Save Ealing’s Centre’s website

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May 252016

Residents in some of the streets in West Ealing have launched an online petition asking for the Council to carry out a consultation about parking in one of the last non-CPZ enclaves left in West Ealing – the streets bordered by  Northfield Ave in the east, Leighton Road to the south, Grosvenor Road in the west and  the Uxbridge Rd/Broadway to the north.  The online petition states:

‘Due to tube/train commuters and holidaymakers parking their vehicles in our roads parking capacity is severely restricted for residents, home workers, ‘school runners’, visitors and shoppers in the West Walpole area in West Ealing. With the freshly painted double yellow lines in Sherwood Close together with Crossrail coming and the estate regeneration this parking pressure will only increase. (Area to include north from Leighton Road, west of Northfield Ave, east of Grosvenor Road, south of The Broadway in West Ealing – inclusive of those roads) Closing date is Wednesday, 1st June 2016 so that it can be submitted in time and presented at Full Council on Tuesday, 7th June.’

This parking problem in these narrow streets has been building up for a while.  As other nearby areas have had CPZs introduced more and more cars have been trying to park in an ever decreasing area and it’s now reached breaking point. I noticed the yellow lines in Sherwood Close yesterday and knew it would have a serious impact as the number of cars parked there and down Bowmans Close has increased dramatically in the last 12 months. These yellow lines have slashed the available parking space here considerably. What is more, I imagine parking problems will only get even worse once the redevelopment of the Sherwood Close Estate gets underway later this year.

I live in one of the streets in this area and there are a couple of points worth thinking through as part of any consultation.  Firstly, is the parking problem just during office hours?  Where I live it’s been difficult for many years to park near my house during office hours.  I’ve got used to that.  What has changed though is that it’s now almost as diffcult to park near my house in the evening and a CPZ will not change this at all. The evening problem is simply the increase in the local population with more multi-occupied houses and houses being divided in to flats. There are quite simply a lot more people living in these streets than 10 years ago and quite a few of these people own cars.  I don’t see any answer to this.

Secondly, quite a few people who work in West Ealing park in these streets. No doubt some could come to work on public transport rather than by car but can they all?  It’s important to think through the full implications of introducing a CPZ in these streets and how it will affect the livelihoods of people working here and the shops and businesses they work for. I can see a CPZ with restrictions from, say 9-10am and 3-4pm, might not have that much of an impact on local people who drive to shop in West Ealing but it’s important to take in to account the impact on our high street.

The online petition can be found here

David Highton



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May 112016

Tweet Family fun in May for Ealing 135 Spring fair  The Ealing 135 Spring fair, a family favourite, has a new location in Walpole park and it’s going to be our biggest event yet.  This year it will take place on Saturday 14 May from 1-4 pm, from its new location at the Rickyard building and the surrounding area, next to the Children’s playground in Walpole Park.  The Seaside themed Spring fair will be a fun day for all the family. It’s open to all and free entry. There are all the games you expect from a traditional fair including hook-a-duck, lucky dip, tin can alley, splat-the-rat to keep the kids entertained.  There will also be crafts, face-painting, a bouncy castle and a fancy dress competition.  There will be plenty to keep the adults occupied too:  a brilliant raffle, a grown up (boozy) tombola and a selection of some of Ealing’s best […]

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May 042016

Tweet OPEN Ealing looks to be getting busy this spring.  Here’s just some of their events:  A Painting, A Pie and A Pint on Thursday evenings 7.30pm Each session will focus on a particular painting and you can enjoy hearing an expert, sharing your opinions and enjoy a home-made pie and a pint OPEN Music on Saturday 14th May 7.30pm Renaissance pieces to modern tango, Cretan music and jazz … and more 6 x 10 Theatre on Saturday 21st May 7pm Six more witty and challenging performed readings. Children’s half-term workshops from Tuesday 1st May A chance for 8-14 year olds to try various art techniques and media in a fun environment with professional artists.   For full details of all OPEN Ealing’s events and activities and costs please visit their website      

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Apr 292016

Tweet Seen  by many residents as a ‘no-g0’ area, especially at night, Chignell Place was raided yet again by police on Monday. Some arrests were made and drugs found. Chignell Place has long had a bad reputation locally for crime and anti-social behaviour.  There have been stories of people painting out the yellow lines so they can park their cars there. Also, stories of traffic enforcement officers fearing to go there. Anecdotally, it’s also where groups of young men gather late night before heading off to Melbourne Ave and Dean Gardens where there are regular outbreaks of violence and anti-social behaviour.  All in all, a pocket of trouble and this is the second major police raid in a year. One radical solution has been proposed by West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum which is to put a pedestrian route through to the West London Islamic Centre and Singapore Road. Full details […]

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Apr 242016

Tweet The idea of allowing delivery vehicles to access Lidl’s, O’Grady Court and now the new hotel via the library car park has been around for at least six years.  Finally, it looks like work will start on this early May.  The plans are to make the section of Melbourne Ave in front of the library and Sainsbury’s fully pedestrianised by giving delivery lorries etc access to Lidl’s, O’Grady Court and the new hotel through the library car park so they no longer need to drive along Canberra Road by the side of Sainsbury’s and cross over Melbourne Ave. This makes it much safer for everyone and will cut out the damage to the paving stones by done heavy delivery lorries.  As part of these plans there will also be barriers of some sort across the junctions of Melbourne Ave and Canberra Road to ensure no vehicles can cross over […]

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Apr 232016
BHS in West Ealing was due to close but will stay open for rest of year

Tweet     Good news for everyone who shops at BHS in West Ealing.  It seems the shop will stay open for the rest of the year as the developers, Southern Grove, have delayed their plans to build 136 or so homes on this site. Mind you, all this may change with the threat of BHS going in to administration. I’ll update the story if I can find out why there’s a delay.

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Apr 072016
At last!  Work started on derelict undertaker's building in Hanwell

Tweet   This sad looking row of houses on the corner of the Uxbridge Road and Shirley Gardens had been let to go to ruin but, at last, work has started on their demolition.  The original plans for homes on this site were totally out of keeping with the rest of this terrace but thankfully the plans that were agreed by the Council are much more sympathetic. Why on earth has it taken so long?

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Mar 292016
OPEN Ealing: Islamic Geometry course from Thurs 31st March 2-4pm

Tweet I thought this sounds interesting: Starting on Thursday 31 March at 2pm we are running a 10 week course   Each week you will construct a different pattern which will then be tessellated and/or finished with a weave effect. You will explore patterns with 5, 6, 8, 10 and 12 fold symmetry and how they can be tiled on a regular or semi regular underlying grid. As you gain experience and confidence with the constructions, patterns will become more complex. Time will also be spent looking at traditional colour inspirations from around the Islamic world and how these patterns can be transferred to other paper or surfaces, and  reproduced in different mediums, such as watercolour and gouache. Our final two sessions will be dedicated to each participant producing an exhibition piece. For full details and costs visit OPEN Ealing’s website

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