Jun 272016


Our next bin collection in the Walpole ward is tomorrow morning and it’s blue bin time this week. However, I took this photo in Westfield Rd this morning and it’s clear there is still confusion with both black and blue bins out in the street.  I just hope it all settles down soon.

Like many other areas West Ealing has seen an increase in fly-tipping over the last few weeks. I’ve reported two fly-tips to the Council this morning which makes about five in the past couple of weeks. The increase in fly-tipping and the haphazard street cleaning are making our streets look a mess.  As far as I can tell, what street cleaning there is going on is just litter picking.  I’ve seen attempts to use road sweeping machines to clean heavily parked up streets, needless to say, to no effect. I’ve seen no sign of anyone actually sweeping the streets and the gutters to clean away all the leaves and other rubbish that will soon be blocking the drains in this rainy June.

I don’t know what the Council’s plan is to keep the borough tidy during the change of rubbish collecting system but what should have been built in to their plan is a special contingency to allow for the vans that go round collecting and cleaning up reported fly-tips to patrol our streets and look for fly-tips themselves as well as react to ones reported by residents. There were always bound to be teething problems but it feels like these are being left to residents to sort out rather than the Council being proactive.  Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so.


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Jun 222016



It was due to have closed this spring for redevelopment but had a stay of execution as the developer put their plans on hold. Now, however, the failed sale of BHS to Dominic Chappell has caught up with the store and the closing down sale signs are up. It’s a shame for shoppers and staff and, in some way, the end of an era when West Ealing had many of the large multiples – M&S, WH Smith, Mothercare and more. BHS is the last to go. Let’s hope ths ite isn’t left undeveloped for too long as BHS going leaves a big gap on the high street.

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Jun 202016
Broadway International changes name to Istanbul Gate and stops selling alcohol

Tweet If you live in West Ealing you’ll very probably know that the supermarket Broadway International used to have a 24-hour alcohol licence. Earlier in the year the licence was reviewed by the Council following detailed work by the police highlighting a range of problems associated with this store. West Ealing Neighbours and other residents’ groups gave evidence outlining the many alcohol-fuelled problems caused to residents, shops and traders by anti-soical behaviour in and around Dean Gardens and Melbourne Ave. As a result of the review the Council revoked Broadway International’s licence. However, the store appealed and was continuing to sell alcohol until the appeal was due to be heard in August.  Now though the store has a new name, Istanbul Gate, has dropped its appeal and no longer sells alcohol. From what I hear this has already made a difference and the level of late night disturbances and anti-social […]

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Jun 172016

Tweet Ealing Soup Kitchen supports vulnerable people This article by Smriti Gopal is from our latest newsletter: Street drinking, homelessness and vulnerable people in and around Dean Gardens and the rest of West Ealing are a cause for concern to the local community.  Meanwhile, nearby, the Ealing Soup Kitchen and St. John’s Church, both, on Mattock Lane have been and still currently provide support to the vulnerable people in hope that at least some of these people will be encouraged to have a better lifestyle. On Wednesday 8th June 2016, West Ealing Neighbours (WEN) met up and talked to Ealing Soup Kitchen’s, Homeless Support Worker, Andrew Mcleay, to find out more about how the Ealing Soup Kitchen and St. John’s Church help the vulnerable people in West Ealing.  Mcleay said: “Initially Ealing Soup Kitchen started to give out food from The Church Room in St. John’s Gardens.  In the beginning, […]

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May 252016

Tweet News just in – the Secretary of State is calling in for review the Ealing Council approved plans for redeveloping the centre of Ealing Broadway at 9-42 The Broadway. The plans for this were controversially passed by the Council despite considerable opposition from residents’ and heritage groups.  This is now the second time plans for this site have been called in by the Secretary of State.  The previous plan from Glenkerrin was passed by Ealing Council, called in by the Secretary of State who then rejected the plan. The full story is on Save Ealing’s Centre’s website

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May 252016

Tweet Residents in some of the streets in West Ealing have launched an online petition asking for the Council to carry out a consultation about parking in one of the last non-CPZ enclaves left in West Ealing – the streets bordered by  Northfield Ave in the east, Leighton Road to the south, Grosvenor Road in the west and  the Uxbridge Rd/Broadway to the north.  The online petition states: ‘Due to tube/train commuters and holidaymakers parking their vehicles in our roads parking capacity is severely restricted for residents, home workers, ‘school runners’, visitors and shoppers in the West Walpole area in West Ealing. With the freshly painted double yellow lines in Sherwood Close together with Crossrail coming and the estate regeneration this parking pressure will only increase. (Area to include north from Leighton Road, west of Northfield Ave, east of Grosvenor Road, south of The Broadway in West Ealing – inclusive […]

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May 112016

Tweet Family fun in May for Ealing 135 Spring fair  The Ealing 135 Spring fair, a family favourite, has a new location in Walpole park and it’s going to be our biggest event yet.  This year it will take place on Saturday 14 May from 1-4 pm, from its new location at the Rickyard building and the surrounding area, next to the Children’s playground in Walpole Park.  The Seaside themed Spring fair will be a fun day for all the family. It’s open to all and free entry. There are all the games you expect from a traditional fair including hook-a-duck, lucky dip, tin can alley, splat-the-rat to keep the kids entertained.  There will also be crafts, face-painting, a bouncy castle and a fancy dress competition.  There will be plenty to keep the adults occupied too:  a brilliant raffle, a grown up (boozy) tombola and a selection of some of Ealing’s best […]

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May 042016

Tweet OPEN Ealing looks to be getting busy this spring.  Here’s just some of their events:  A Painting, A Pie and A Pint on Thursday evenings 7.30pm Each session will focus on a particular painting and you can enjoy hearing an expert, sharing your opinions and enjoy a home-made pie and a pint OPEN Music on Saturday 14th May 7.30pm Renaissance pieces to modern tango, Cretan music and jazz … and more 6 x 10 Theatre on Saturday 21st May 7pm Six more witty and challenging performed readings. Children’s half-term workshops from Tuesday 1st May A chance for 8-14 year olds to try various art techniques and media in a fun environment with professional artists.   For full details of all OPEN Ealing’s events and activities and costs please visit their website      

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Apr 292016

Tweet Seen  by many residents as a ‘no-g0’ area, especially at night, Chignell Place was raided yet again by police on Monday. Some arrests were made and drugs found. Chignell Place has long had a bad reputation locally for crime and anti-social behaviour.  There have been stories of people painting out the yellow lines so they can park their cars there. Also, stories of traffic enforcement officers fearing to go there. Anecdotally, it’s also where groups of young men gather late night before heading off to Melbourne Ave and Dean Gardens where there are regular outbreaks of violence and anti-social behaviour.  All in all, a pocket of trouble and this is the second major police raid in a year. One radical solution has been proposed by West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum which is to put a pedestrian route through to the West London Islamic Centre and Singapore Road. Full details […]

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Apr 242016

Tweet The idea of allowing delivery vehicles to access Lidl’s, O’Grady Court and now the new hotel via the library car park has been around for at least six years.  Finally, it looks like work will start on this early May.  The plans are to make the section of Melbourne Ave in front of the library and Sainsbury’s fully pedestrianised by giving delivery lorries etc access to Lidl’s, O’Grady Court and the new hotel through the library car park so they no longer need to drive along Canberra Road by the side of Sainsbury’s and cross over Melbourne Ave. This makes it much safer for everyone and will cut out the damage to the paving stones by done heavy delivery lorries.  As part of these plans there will also be barriers of some sort across the junctions of Melbourne Ave and Canberra Road to ensure no vehicles can cross over […]

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