2016 June Newsletter

Street drinkers in West Ealing

It sometimes feels that West Ealing is caught in a ‘perfect storm’ of reasons to attract street drinkers. West Ealing is home to Ealing Magistrates Court in Green Man Lane, the Probation Service in Leeland Road, RISE (drug and alcohol recovery service) in St James Ave and, at least what was, a  24-hour off licence at International Broadway. Finally, near all of these is Dean Gardens which offers a very accessible venue for street drinkers with excellent public transport links. The situation with International Broadway may have changed for the better as it has now got a new name, Istanbul Gate, and no longer appears to sell alcohol. International  Broadway lost its licence at a recent review but appealed and the appeal hearing was due to be heard in August. How this now stands with the change of name and withdrawal of alcohol is not yet clear.

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