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Drayton Green Primary School set to double in size E-mail Print

As part of the continued expansion of Ealing's primary school capacity, there are plans out for consultation to double the number of pupils at Drayton Green Primary School from 210 to 420.

This will prove to be an interesting project as the footprint of the school is small and the site bounded on three side by roads and to the north with soon to be a building site to create 21 new homes. One can only imagine that the new build will fill up the playground.

The lack of joined up thinking is that if this project goes ahead it will negate much or all of the benefit of the recently installed Controlled Parking Zone by doubling the school related traffic.

The local residents' association - The Draytons Community Association - has never been consulted on these plans and neither has WEN.

St John's Primary School was increased a couple of years ago with the controversial addition of two portacabin-style buildings stacked on top of each other, and there are plans to increase Fielding Primary School amongst others. The approved expansion of Fielding (across its playing field) will make it one of the largest Primary Schools in England with a staggering 870 pupils. It is clear there is enormous pressure on primary school places which will in a few years translate in to similar pressure on secondary schools.  Of course there will be no expansion of State secondary schools in West Ealing because there aren't any of them.

The plans for Drayton Green Primary can be viewed on the Council's website at http://www.ealing.gov.uk/downloads/download/1393/consultation_on_the_expansion_of_drayton_green_primary_school.

If you want to call the Planning Officer handling this project she is Holly Morgan-Smith and her number is 020 8825 8315

The closing date for comments is Friday 8th June.

David Highton and Eric Leach

24th May 2012

Last Updated ( Thursday, 24 May 2012 )