150 days of community weeks 21 and 22

Week 21 (wb 26 July)

  • Sign up for pottery classes with your children or parent(s)
  • See if your neighbour needs anything when you go to the supermarket
  • Ask to see a friend’s family photos
  • Join groups (e.g., arts, sports, religion) likely to lead to making new friends of different race or ethnicity, different social class or bridging across other dimensions
  • If you have too much produce, talk to West Ealing Abundance about what you can do with the excess
  • Join West Ealing Neighbours, and connect to us on Facebook and Twitter

Week 22 (wb 2 August)

  • Join Hanwell Friends and Northfields Avenue Friends (Facebook)
  • Organise or go to a quiz night
  • Walk to a local restaurant
  • Play tennis in the park
  • Teach, or learn, bike-riding
  • Garden
  • Offer to walk a neighbour’s dog


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