Diane’s view on the LDF meeting – 9th September 2009

Regarding the meeting on Wednesday I have similar views to David; I wasn’t going to walk away from the situation and thought I may as well make the best of my time there. Most of our session was spent explaining stuff to us which we then commented on. I thought our group was very reasonable and actually enjoyed working with them unlike other occasions when the people drove me insane with their silly suggestions and harping back to the old days (yawn) I do struggle with why we were not given copies of all these documents; I cannot print them at home due to the colour maps and the length of the documents so it means me either trying to read on my laptop which I don’t like doing or sneaking the printing in at work (not too difficult if I have the time)

Regarding Sarah’s idea of engaging this lot, I truly believe we have tried this approach and we have also had a successful meeting with our own yellow stickies (way before the councils!) with all the feedback going to the council. I just don’t think Brendan Walsh and Lucy Taylor are that interested in us anymore – not sure if it is a time thing or can’t be bothered. The more I think about it the more I think the consultation is a sham. I also think that 6 weeks is NO time at all to respond to a plan that will last for at least 15 years.

WEN Committee Member

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