Pygmies Rule OK

A Lancashire lass from Upholland running EU foreign policy – it’s doesn’t get any better than that. And no-one from one of the big hitters of Europe actually becoming President of the EU is OK too. Thankfully war criminal, perma-tanned Tony didn’t get the gig.

At the Gilbert & Sullivanesque Royal Opening of Parliament this week two political pygmies made stunning speeches. Labour MPs Frank Dobson and Emily Thornberry made sincere, amusing and passionate addresses. These must have bought tears to the eyes of those Old Labour Party members, who have felt washed up onto the beach for years. During these speeches the Labour Front Bench couldn’t help but laugh at the jokes but one good look at Gordon and his cohort’s faces reminded us all why a tired and weary Labour leadership will not get re-elected. They already look like yesterday’s people. Dobson and Thornberry came across as believable – a label one couldn’t apply to any of the Labour Front Bench.

WEN is a pygmy too. Formed just four years ago this month, it is just 313 members out of a total West Ealing population of 30,000. However WEN has helped a lot of residents in those four years. We provide a local news and information service and we have quite a few ongoing projects. Our three year role in helping to save Ealing’s antique lampposts has been considerable. Our Abundance project anticipated by over 12 months the Ealing Transition Town initiative which formally launches this month. The work that has already gone into improving pedestrian safety at the Lido Junction has been considerable and we are prepared for a long battle on this front. WEN has invested significant resources in attempting, with others, to save the centre of Ealing. We are also trying very hard to ensure that a redeveloped Green Man Lane Estate is not a gated, densely populated version of what is to be demolished. And, if ever built, we are working hard to ensure that the new Crossrail West Ealing Station is fit for purpose.

Eric Leach
A Lancashire Lad

20th November, 2009

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