West Ealing Arts Project ‘OPEN’ is well worth a look

Chris Gilson checks out the new arts centre on the Uxbridge Road.

Last week I popped into the new West Ealing Arts Centre, OPEN. From the outside, 113 Uxbridge Road is a relatively unassuming red brick office building, but inside it’s packed with workshop spaces, art installations and galleries, spaces for musical performances, and there are even plans for there to be a community cafe on the third floor soon. WEN have also installed a Book Swap in the first floor.

Here’s a taster of what’s on offer:

OPEN will be open from 10am-6pm from this Wednesday to Friday, and there are plans to be open Tuesday-Friday from the week after next.

Check out OPEN’S new website.


8 Replies to “West Ealing Arts Project ‘OPEN’ is well worth a look”

  1. ive looked for the address on google and i have found it but unsure if i have the correct building… did it used to be the A2dominon place on uxbridge road? please could you help… thanks

  2. The centre is a great source for the pulling together of creative and performing arts. I’m looking forward to seeing an expansion of themes that encapsulate the good things that are going on in our borough. Hopefully we’ll get some funding to allow us to put some heating on! Well done to all for making art work!

  3. hello, I was wondering, maybe someone have piano, and I can pay for about 1 hour a pay to play.
    I would like to use them 3 or 4 times in a week.
    Please, if you can help, let me know.

  4. They are looking for a new home. They may take the empty shop in Drayton Green Road, next to Cherry Pye. It would be a pop-up shop for about 6 months and OPEN would be there running various arts activities and more. It’s worth keeping an eye on their website for the latest – http://www.openealing.com

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