Failures in Common Sense Cause Even More Parking and Congestion Havoc in Felix Road

Felix Road resident Dave Randles emails a Felix Road neighbour who has just returned from holiday:

I am sorry that you missed the ward Forum meeting on 22 September – it was me who put the reminder through your door as I felt that the Councillors should be able to update everyone on the current situation. The reasons for the current meltdown are several:

As you will know, earlier this year the Council undertook 2 separate neighbourhood consultations on this matter. The first was for an extension of the nearby Controlled Parking Zone (CPZ) to cover Felix, Endlseigh and Eccleston Roads. Neighbours voted 61% in favour of the extension and work was due to start in August 2011. In August the Council then commenced a statutory consultation before commencing work during which they received a number of objections from residents in Eccleston Road including a 31 name petition that has now been forwarded to the Council’s legal department for reply. As a result, the Council have put a hold on the CPZ extension until the matter can be resolved.

The second neighbourhood consultation that took place this year was called the “Neighbourhood Improvement” (TFL) scheme which was also approved my a majority of 58%. In August the council went ahead with this scheme, part of which entailed the introduction of additional yellow lines at the east end of Felix Road adjacent to St John’s School. This resulted in the loss of up to 10 parking spaces at this end of the road who have now been forced to move further along Felix Road to find a space. This so called “Improvement” Scheme has also meant that the traffic jams outside Glenpark Court have now been pushed further down towards the corner shop and into the Romsey & Endsleigh Road area. Last Saturday this part of the road road was jammed up for significant parts of the day and several drivers had to abandon their cars to direct traffic. The “neighbourhood improvement” scheme also approved a ban on vehicles in excess of 7.5T entering our streets but, unfortunately the Council only erected one sign in Eccleston Road and have ignored the other entrance to the rat-run in Alexandria Road. The traffic flow situation is quite desperate and at certain times prohibits any access to emergency vehicles.

Earlier this year the Council received a number of written requests from concerned neighbours pointing out that the two schemes (both the “Neighbourhood Improvement” scheme and the “ CPZ Extension” scheme) were reliant on each other and that to introduce the “Neighbourhood Improvement” scheme in isolation would vey much worsen an already bad situation. This matter had previously been discussed at an earlier Ward Forum Meeting although the Council failed to take notice and allowed the additional yellow lines to be added.

At the Ward Forum meeting on 22 September there was a lively debate during which the Councillors explained the delays to the CPZ scheme. It soon became apparent that none of the Councillors had actually visited the area recently and were under the apprehension that the “Neighbourhood Improvement” scheme had already been implemented in full to include a new crossing outside St.Johns School. The councillors went on to explain that nothing could be done to alleviate the situation until their legal department had had an opportunity to reply to residents in Eccleston Road. One resident suggest that the reason that so many people in Eccleston Road were upset about the CPZ extension proposals was because may of them already parked in their front gardens and did not want the designated CPZ lines to be painted in front of their houses. This issue effects those at the southern end of Eccleston more than those at the the northern end of the road where it joins Felix Road – this is because many of those at the top end of the road do not have available parking in their gardens. One resident expressed great concern about the situation on Fridays when many additional people arrived in the area to worship at the local mosque. The Councillors said that they were unaware that no 7.5T weight limit sign had been erected in Alexandria Road but undertook to investigate. At the meeting I expressed my personal view that both the Council and the elected Councillors had failed residents which was met by an emotional outburst from one of the Councillors. As you will know the matter of the CPZ in our road has now been discussed for more than 6 years during which time there have been 4 neighbourhood consultations. The Councillors further stated that they were unwilling to recommend that the CPZ extension should be implemented without the inclusion of Eccleston Road.

Since the meeting on 22 September 2011 the situation has worsened even more! This is due to 2 issues:

a) The Housing Association who looks after Glenpark Court at the eastern end of Felix Road have now advised their tenants that they will in future impose a parking charge of £49.17 per calendar month for any tenant wishing to park in the gated are under the flats. The effect of this is likely to increase demand for street parking spaces by a further 10 vehicles. The Housing Association have also stated that they will sell off vacant spaces to outsiders at £ 650.00 pa

b) GML has now introduced private parking management across the whole estate through Parking Management Ltd. All residents who wish to park on the estate must now apply for designated permits and they have erected a number of signs displaying penalty charges for anyone who ignores the new ruling. This has resulted in a final devastating blow for residents of Felix & Endlseigh Roads as many many more vehicles have now been forced into our narrow streets. It is yet unclear who has instigated the new parking restrictions on the estate but I suspect it has been arranged through the GML property management company A2 Dominion in conjunction the contractors Rydon. Some of the motivation for this has been driven by the predicted rise in parking requirements by GML estate building contractors. Once again this is a matter that was known about by the ward Councillors for many months but no action was taken.

I, along with one of my neighbours, have now raised a formal complaint to the Council about how these matters have progressed but so far we have received no formal reply. I have also urged our Councillors to help us and, if nothing else happens to include the matter back on the next Ward Forum agenda scheduled for 23 February 2012. In the meantime I can only suggest that you also lodge a formal complaint to Ealing Council either with or without the help of the elected Councillors.

Like you, I am extremely distressed about this situation having lived in Felix Road for 20 years. To make matter worse my car was again dented on the front wing last week causing an estimated repair bill of another £350.00. I am now retired and my family and I have temporarily stopped using the car for fear of not finding a parking space on our return. We are very distressed about the situation and now feel almost housebound. I guess the only other thing we could do is to ask the Council for an urgent public meeting to discuss the issue.

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  1. As a resident of Eccleston Road I did actually say yes to a CPZ even though I’m not totally in favour of them. If ever two roads needed CPZ’s it is Felix and Alexandria. I have lost count of the amount of times I have seen road rage and traffic chaos and with the new traffic measures in place it has made the situation worse for residents. I have to say I was really surprised to find out about the legal action by Eccleston Road residents; I hadn’t a clue about it. I thought when a public consultation took place and there was a majority then you go with this majority. Ealing Council should have delayed everything until the CPZ issue was resolved.

  2. I don’t understand why this has taken so ling and how the council can be so out of touch with what is happening.

    The parking situation is becoming intolerable now. Because so many restrictions have been placed in neighbouring areas like the GML estate, the single yellow line in Endsleigh road and the charge being imposed in the flats, Felix Road is RAMMED with cars and commercial vehicles. A Lovett International (Maintenance Division) van has been dumped outside the house all weekend. Why can’t companies park their vehicles in their yards instead of taking up space in residential areas.

  3. Latest news is that the GMLE CPZ and the CPZ for Felix Road and Endsleigh will both be implemented on 31 October. Where all the cars that are currently parked in these areas and who aren’t allowed to buy CPZ parking vouchers will park come November is anybody’s guess. But there won’t be very many local options.

    Let’s hope that Felix Road residents are soon able to park their cars near their homes. However, sadly, congestion, scrapes and road rage may still be inflicting on them for years to come. The 1,200 new residents coming to the new GMLE will, of course, attract more cars.

  4. I got a note from Ealing Council through my door today. It states that the Felix and Endsleigh Road CPZ will be implemented between 18-30 October. It also states residents in Eccleston Road (where I am) will receive a consultation document asking them how they want the CPZ to proceed n their road. The CPZ will then be implemented in Eccleston Road based on the consultation results.

  5. I live in Singapore Road and can’t get a CPZ voucher. I’ve just been out in my car and noticed it was the only one parked where it was as there are notices up suggesting I’ve moved my car in the nick of time. I’m now parked a 15 minute walk from where I live. Another stress added to those already associated with living here.

  6. I live in Eccleston Road and have previously fought against the CPZ. I am saddened that the residents have voted for the extention to be implemented as the residents have no right to a parking space even though they will have purchased a permit and the new estate will have equal rights to buy the permits. The parking will be far worse than the current situation. Eccleston road will almost certainly have bays in front of their dropped kerbs which the council has stated means that even if the residents vehicle are in their own drives, any cars with a permit parked across the drive will not be removed thereby preventing the resident leaving their own premises. This is a blatant action to force those with dropped kerbs to buy a permit and to allow Felix and Endsleigh road residents to park in Eccleston when the new estate is populated.
    Last year, the permit price went up 50% to residents a business permit was £300 and is now £600. In Richmond the initial CPZ permit charge of £50 is now £1000. Are you sure you want this?
    Might I also point out that the majority of the parking problem is due to Waitrose store staff who are not allowed to park in the Waitrose car park.

  7. Just an addendum to my last comment.
    I am trying to sell my house and have just consulted my Estate agent who thinks the implementation of a CPZ with bays across my dropped kerb will drop the value of y house by up to £50,000

    1. Adrian,

      You are right that Ealing’s CPZ approach in Eccleston Road just ammounts to a car parking tax.

      I’m surprised at what you say about Waitorse staff as for quite a while now the manager has allowed staff to park in the Waitrose car park during week days.

  8. Adrian

    I am surprised the estate agent is knocking off such a large mount of money from the selling price of your house, there are plenty of CPZ’s in Ealing. Does the same apply to houses on Mattock Lane then? I somehow doubt it. I think the parking issues around Eccleston and surrounding roads regardless of CPZ’s will undoubtedly get worse when GML is finished. Personally if I had the luxury of a dropped kerb I would be viewing the CPZ in a different light to those of us without and having to scrabble around for parking streets away from where we live. My understanding is that if a white line crosses the dropped kerb people can park outside with the owners permission only anyway – I am sure this is what I read on the recent consultation document. If there was a yellow line then no-one can park there at any time.

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