A blot on West Ealing: the shame that is Canberra Road

Fly-tipping this week in Canberra Road

To be honest Canberra Road is driving me nuts!  Canberra Road is the service road that runs along the north side of Sainsbury’s and across Melbourne Ave by the side of Luckhurst’s and to the back of Lidl’s. I pass it almost every day and almost without fail it’s a disgrace – dumped black bags, old sofas, bags of clothes and overflowing wheelie bins. The problem is that it’s at the back of a row of shops where deliveries have to take place and it now is the entrance to a host of new flats built on top of many of these shops (some of which do not appear to have any of their own bins) and it has a large charity collection bin for clothes. All in all, it’s seen as a good dumping ground for people wanting to fly-tip all manner of unwanted goods. In fairness, the Council tries hard to keep it clean. I talked to one of the street cleaners a week or so ago who was having to clear up there and he said Council trucks come along every day to take away dumped rubbish. But it shouldn’t be like this. Why should we have to put up with constant fly-tipping along this road?

From a West Ealing Neighbours point of view Canberra Road is the key link between Melbourne Avenue, the heart of West Ealing, and St James Avenue where we hold a variety of events – Family Day, the annual arts and crafts fair and occasional craft markets. We need to reclaim this road from the fly-tippers and make it a decent road to walk along as opposed to the nasty, rubbish strewn road it is most of the time.

I confess I don’t think it will be easy to clear up Canberra Road but we need to try. I’m going to ask the Council if a CCTV camera can be put there for a while to catch the fly-tippers. But we need more than that. We need to make it look decent, so any ideas are very welcome.



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  1. David, I’m not sure how practical this is but can it be fenced off somehow with that wide diagonal fencing? So the owners of the shops can get to the bins as well as residents and it keeps the fly tippers out? There would have to be gates for the council to get the rubbish or the owners could put outside on rubbish day?

    This way all you see is fencing so it looks better and with CCTV would deter the fly tippers.

    1. i will have a walk up to this road and have a look around,to be honest its a service road and probably the very local residents do not understand how the the council will collect their refuse on a weekly basis.
      well it may be the illegal properties and the residents may not on the electoral register so if a list of the occupiers, owners and residents can found they can be targeted with a letter or more and maybe some more revenue collected for ealing.
      i am sure this problem can improve and i can offer more help but the above needs to happen first.to be honest rubbish will always be a problem and it will increase very soon as councils cut back and charge more for their services.

      jer (rubbish hater)

      1. Diane,yes gates are an idea but no one in ealing council will be prepared to shed money on this project.
        i will have a look around there tomorrow in day light and report back,wish me luck.


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