Free lunchtime music, new art exhibitions and cheese tasting today at OPEN Ealing

Today sees OPEN’s First Friday for November kick off with free music at lunchtime from 12.30-1.30pm. Be ready for a relaxing hour of beautiful ballads from musical theatre, pop, jazz, and classics from Tonia Szkurhan.

In the evening we will be launching two new exhibitions – Trouble in Utopia and Sugar Sachets and City Scapes. One explores the boundaries between reality and articfice, whilst the other challenges us about what materials we can use and we can see the very first public exhibition by new artist Dean Moone.

And on top of all this, in the evening from 7pm onwards, we will be joined by Brent from the new Cheddar Deli in Northfield Avenue who will be talking about some of the fabulous cheeses he’s supplied for today’s First Friday event. And take it from me, Brent really knows his cheeses! So, it’s well worth coming along to taste a few cheeses and hear what Brent has to say about them.



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