Unleash your inner art critic – for radio

THURSDAY DECEMBER 1st. 2011, 6.00 – 9.30pm. Cost: £25

At OPEN Ealing Arts Project, 113 Uxbridge Road, London, W5 5TL
Refreshments and course materials will be provided. Numbers are limited so please reserve a place by emailing chrissie.kravchenko (AT) btinternet.com with your contact details.

Find your VOICE and make your CHOICE

 Estelle Lovatt is a freelance art critic for broadcast and print including BBC Radio 2’s flagship arts programme `The New Arts Show With Claudia Winkleman’ and `Art of England’ magazine. In this workshop she will coach budding art critics how to write art reviews specifically for radio. Art criticism for radio involves a specific way of both looking at and describing a work of art. The workshop will look at how the spoken (versus the written) critique is presented, script layout and writing for the programme host. The venue for the workshop is the OPEN community art gallery, where there will be an exhibition to inspire you.

To criticize art properly on air, you need to understand the work and its importance and relay that to the listener, who cannot see it. This  involves description, analysis and interpretation of the artwork.

We will also look at how critics decide what they really think about the artwork. Do you like or dislike it? Why? And how do YOU feel about  whether the artist was successful in conveying an idea? You will present your own style arts programme review, where you’ll talk about whether an artwork is successful. This will involve looking at the use of formal compositional elements and principles of design and how  these interact. The feelings invoked by each work of art will be based on your own personal experiences and judgement! The aim is that listeners  will follow and trust your opinions and you can build up a following.


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