We need your help. Come along to West Ealing Neighbours’ AGM Tuesday 7.30pm at OPEN Ealing

We’re holding our Annual General Meeting tomorrow (Tuesday 21st) at OPEN Ealing from 7.30pm. We’re looking for your help in shaping how WEN develops over the next few years. I wrote a piece for this month’s newsletter:

Five years on and if I do for a moment stop and, as they say, smell the roses, I’d say we’ve made a pretty good start. We helped save some of our traditional lampposts; started the annual Family Day celebration; launched our Abundance project; will soon start a monthly craft market and are within touching distance of helping make the Lido Junction safe to cross.
Now though we need to plan for the next five years and that’s where we need your help to answer a vital question: what shall we do with WEN? We need to decide. On Feb 21st we have the fifth AGM and my tenure as Chair, Eric’s as Vice, Andy’s as Treasurer and Gill’s general membership of the committee – well, our time is up. We decided five years ago that we didn’t want WEN to stagnate.
So, the question is, what shall we do now? It’s your organisation and it’s a democracy so we all need to decide. No one has so far come forward to hold any of the posts – can we continue as an un-led organisation?
I think we are at a crucial moment for West Ealing. We have the major development at Green Man Lane, the forthcoming redevelopment of the Sherwood Close Estate and the possibility of creating a Neighbourhood Forum, under the new Localism Act, to propose a design for central West Ealing (see Eric Leach’s blog of 3rd January 2012 for full details). This is an exciting time for West Ealing and WEN needs to be at the heart of it and helping shape our future and not just letting it be imposed upon us.
Here are some of the aspects of WEN that we feel are important but what do you think?
• an information hub for West Ealing
• a think tank
• an incubator for exciting new projects like WEN Abundance, OPEN Ealing, SEAL – the lampost project, the book swap, and much more
• a people resource – we’ve 400+ members
• a social network
• full of potential for becoming an integral part of the re-shaping of the local governance of our neighbourhood
• holding Ealing Council to account
At the moment the floor is open wide – do we re-form as something different? Do we each go our separate ways into our different projects? Do we put ourselves into a holding position until we work out what’s best? Or is there someone/some people out there right now longing to lead WEN into the next phase of its life?
If you’d like to stand for any of the main officer posts – chair, vice-chair, secretary, treasurer – please let us know before the meeting. Otherwise, please come along, bring your neighbours and let’s talk about our town and ways in which we can make a difference.
If you’d like to talk to any members of the committee beforehand, let us know.
Please do come along to our Annual General Meeting on Tuesday 21st February at OPEN Ealing starting 7.30pm.

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    1. Hi there

      I have the minutes to type up Simon! Please bear with me. On the whole a good meeting though with some ideas on how we can move forward. we have another event scheduled for Wednesday 21st March that will be a bit of a social with wine and nibbles, as well as an ideas forum. We will advertise but it will be at OPEN Ealing again for 7.30pm.

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