Poetry evening at Waterstones in Ealing with Michael Horovitz and Pitshanger Poets on Wednesday from 7.30pm



OPEN Ealing in conjunction with Waterstones in Ealing Broadway Centre present an evening of poetry with ‘beat’ poet Michael Horovitz, word artist Ursula Troche and guest appearances from the members of the Pitshanger Poets.

Tickets £5 (£3 standing) from OPEN and Waterstones. Starts 7.30pm. Call OPEN on 0208 579 5558 or visit Waterstones.

Michael Horovitz is an internationalist polymath, who has edited and published New Departures and coordinated the Poetry Olymics festivals for 50 years (http://www.poetryolympics.com). his magnum opus, A New Waste Land: Timeship Earth at Nillennium, was selected as Book of the year by D.J. Taylor in the Independent as “A deeply felt clarion call from the radical underground”. His artworks and picture-poems continue to be exhibited internationally, and he currently performs in a jazz poetry duo with Stan Tracey, as well as fronting the ebullient William Blake Klezmatrix band.

Paul McCartney has remarked that, “in addition to producing many notable poetic and musical works of his own, Michael Horovitz has worked tirelessly and selflessly over the past five decades to ensure an audience for his contemporaries. He’s lively, he keeps poetry accessible, and more than that… He’s a good laff!” And Margaret Drabble, that “Michael is an original poet, with an original voice. he’s always been an innovator, and is honoured as a free spirit and a creative force throughout the literary world. He also has persistence and stamina. Those of us who heard him upholding the standards of poetry and the praise of of Byron on the BBC ‘Today’ programme were delighted to witness that the hardened ‘Today’ interviewers had met their match. Horowitz is neither diplomat nor politician. He speaks from the heart. He has left an indelible mark on the course of British literature.”

Ursula ‘Equinox’ Troche: Word Artist with a motto: From Identity to Liberation poetry. Has performed at various venues eg. Greenwich Jazz festival, Arts for Human Rights Festival, the Colour of London Festival, Happy Soul Festival. Part of collectives like WAPPY, Theatre for Mankind, The Change Collective, Ibeji, etc. Poetry collections: Embraceable – Notes from Different Places called Home; origins and Other Issues. Performs for International Women’s Day 2012 at Charlton House.


Guest poets: From Pitshanger Poets in Ealing: James Priestman, Daphne Gloag, Nick Barth.

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