Does West Ealing need another betting shop?

The long empty shop on the corner of the Uxbridge Road and Melbourne Avenue has a sign stuck to it announcing the application for a gambling licence for a Betfred betting shop. Whilst I’m glad this shop will be re-opened does West Ealing really need another betting shop? I can think of at least two between the Lido Junction and Eccleston Road, so why a third?

I guess Betfred have done their research and, at a time when money is very tight, there is a market for people willing to gamble, hope for the best and turn a blind eye to the saying that you never see a poor bookie.

If I had one wish for the newly established West Ealing Centre Neighbourhhod Forum it would be for it to set down tough guidelines for what sort of shops can come to the West Ealing shopping centre. We have enough betting shops and money lending shops in our shopping centre. What we don’t have is low-cost space for new and small local businesses to be given a chance to have a high street presence to see if they can make a go of their business. We need to find ways to give local businesses and entrepreneurs a start in life and low-cost retail space for, say their first year, would be one way of helping them, creating new jobs and keeping money in the local economy. Through running the monthly craft market and annual Arts and Crafts Fair we know there are plenty of local craftspeople and some would jump at the chance to take this next step.

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  1. No, we don’t need another betting shop in the centre of West Ealing. The first meeting of the High Street Work Group of the Interim West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum meets later today. I am attending it and I’ll certainly bring up this issue for discussion.

  2. When I walked past and saw the notice I was dismayed that this prime location is to become a betting shop. I have nothing against BetFred but feel the community would be better served if this shop was used for a cafe/restaurant. Obviously market forces rule the day.

    But my biggest concern is that this will be yet another site where I will have to pass through patrons smoking outdoors. With the bus stop it is already congested on the pavement there. Perhaps the bus stop should be moved to outside Lidl where the pavement is wider… When smoking was allowed indoors I didn’t go to pubs very often. Since the smoking ban I feel I have been more exposed to second-hand smoke must walking down my local street.

    Still, things mustn’t be too bad if people have enough money to gamble…and drink…and smoke. Just as well we have the pawnbrokers/money lenders to help people out.

  3. Any update on what the “High Street Work Group” of the “Interim West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum” decided / discussed?

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