Are our streets getting cleaner? Are the rubbish collections getting better?

If there’s one issue that gets most of us steamed up, along with parking problems, it’s dirty streets. The Council changed contractors in April and most of us remember all the teething problems over missed rubbish collections. Tomorrow night (Thursday 15th) the Council is reviewing how Enterprise is performing. Do you think they are getting better after a very shaky start?

My own view is that the rubbish and recycling collections have improved and round us are pretty reasonable now. What is not yet back up to the previous contractor’s standard is sweeping the side streets. In West Ealing the busy areas get swept regularly but the side streets are hit and miss and some appear to be swept hours before the weekly rubbish collections.

One of my bugbears is rubbish getting dumped by Council bins and then getting strewn across the place by birds and animals. This isn’t the Council’s fault at all and it gets cleaned away every day but it does make the place look uncared for.

There’s a fuller story on the Ealing Today website and the Council report for tomorrow’s meeting is here 


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