Shooting in West Ealing last night – two people injured


The Uxbridge Road is still  closed this Sunday morning  (12noon) following a shooting last night somewhere around the post office/Daniels store area. Over a year ago there was another shooting in the same area near an internet cafe.   The Ealing Today website has the story as a gang shooting with two people injured but no one killed. More news to follow.

11pm Sunday

BBC News site says four people arrested following this shooting. It seems one man was shot during a fight and another hurt with both being taken to hospital but neither with life-threatening injuries.

2pm Monday

The problem seems to have been an argument between two groups at some late night event that got out of control. I guess the obvious question has to be who on earth turns up at a party or similar armed with a gun and why?

10pm Monday

Quite a lot more information, including a message from the police, on the Acton W3 forum




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  1. When will the police do something about a growing number of shootings and violence in an area that should be residential and quiet?

    It’s appalling to see Ealing tax-payers facing such a situation. Police action should not be reactive only. We have to get rid of the underlying gang activities around the area.

    1. Ed – I’d be very surprised if it was local gangs. As with the riots, it’s most likely to be a case of gangs from elsewhere bringing their own conflicts this way. Not a great deal the already stretched local police can do about that I don’t think.

      1. Well I can tell you that it was local gangs, one from shepherds bush and the other being from Hayes so you are wrong saying that they wouldn’t be local gamgs.

        1. actually Haroon, the gangs weren’t from shepherds bush and hayes. they were “gangs” from areas out of London.
          Local gangs means the gang who associate themselves with the borough, therefore in this case it would mean gangs from Ealing.
          Police are unable to deal with these issues because of the fear that these gangs make people feel. nobody wants to be a “grass” and defininitely no-one wants to be a dead “grass”.

          I apply the word “gang” loosley in these context as I refuse to apply the term to an unorganised group of tearaways who refuse to act like normal civilised human beings and believe that carrying weapons makes them men. Even in history, the most prevelant gangsters e.g. East London criminals were not famous for their use of arsenal but for their organisation and mastermind plans.

  2. West Ealing is a horrible place these days, nasty council estate behind the shops and the filth from Windmill Park Estate not far in Southall come there, its not exactly Haven Green

  3. Have to disagree with the last comment. The people that now use ealing particularly west ealing as their stomping ground have been over taking the area for years just have to take a walk around to see who your living with. It is awful but do agree police are overstreched and need to be able to use physical force rather than all this mamby pamby stuff. I could mention a few things that have happened in the area by locals.

    1. It sounds like you’re quite new to Ealing. The ‘people’ who have been living in West Ealing, have been living there for decades. There have never been incidents like this before – as you will agree or remember? This, is a new development. The second shooting in two years. Blaming this on the ‘locals’ is at best disingenuous and ill-informed and at worst…well I wouldn’t want to say.

      The shooting that took place last year was attributed to rival gangs outside of the area. It was reported that the riots in Ealing were also to do with rival gangs outside of the area. These rival gangs seem to have begun to take some interest in Ealing lately. The previous commenter was right in his statement.

      Ealing, just like any area, has had its ups and downs. Before the Ealing Broadway shopping centre was built, it was not that brilliant an area – do you remember? The IRA bombings were awful. Ealing is naturally feeling the effects of the recession at the moment. What’s nice about this neighbourhood is that despite this, most people – whether rich or poor or living in estates, are genuine, hard-working, family-orientated people. A lot of whom have contributed to what is and has been known as Ealing life.

  4. If Ealing council can fine me 6 times in the last 3 year parking within 10 mm of drop kerb why on earth can they not catch folks wondering around with guns shooting each other!. I think the priorities are all ar$e about face in Ealing!!.

  5. This is the fault of the social service as they’ve been disciplining these children for the past 20 yrs. look at what your educational bulshit has landed us with frustrated youth. The system is failing everyone.

  6. I have been living in Ealing for well over 20 years, and now I really feel insecure. this area has changed
    for the worst! Ealing use to be a lovely place to live in , with a lovely shopping centre “Ealing Broadway” and “West Ealing “not far away . Now West Ealing is becoming a no go zone area,, all the good retail shops have disapeared and replaced by Pound shop. My street Windmill Road has recently witnessed a rape and and attempted rape, countless people spitting on the pavment , streets littered with rubbish I have been burglared in my house in july 2010 ( my wife was inside with the children) ! 2 farm canabis where found nearby ! And the list of crime is long !

    I think this situation is becoming very scary, and something needs to be done.
    If Ealing carries on like this, I think all the hard working and honnest people will leave this area, and Ealing will become a gloomy place to live. Personally I am really thinking about moving out of this area, because of the insucurity and to protect my children.

  7. Let’s face it. The increased number of ‘affordable housing’, housing association and lack of foresight for investment in the past few years will always bring in undesireables.

    The pub that always seems to be at the centre of all the latest shootings and violent crime needs to be shutdown.

    I have seen drugs deals being made openly on the street outside, some very nasty ‘face off’s’ where weapons have been brandished (generally knives). Yet a call to the Police yeilds a response so slow that by the time they arrive it’s all over.

    I even let the operator know that the suspects had reentered the pub, and yet although I reiterated the fact they were carrying knives, the Police didn’t even enter!

    Ealing (West Ealing in particular) is rapidly becoming a no go area for decent residents after dark!

  8. Well Tom, I am the owner of the pub you are most probably referring to. It is unfortunate that two of the last shootings were close to our pub, but at least with a latest one we were shut long before the shooting took the place. I personaly have been threatened by people openly dealing drugs, on that streach of the road (mainly in front of the kebab shop, but never mind). My business partner have been treathened, they even found where he lives, all because we do not let them in the pub.
    As you rightly said police doesn`t want, or can`t do anything about that, what chance we got? Why don`t you come down and tell them to leave? Well that is what I have to do when they come to my pub.
    Since September 2011, police only once came to our pub and I personally called them, to prevent posible fight (somebody was acusing somebody of theft). Now you find me one pub that in 15 months had only one minor problem.
    You surely read news reports about latest shooting, and it clearly says it was clash of two gangs. Our pub was closed at least an hour before the shooting. Absolutelly nothing to do with our pub, but you just couldn`t resist a dig. You can pretend to be blind to obvious and try to convince yourself that you live in a peaceful part of the town, but reality is THIS IS NASTY AREA with lots of screwed up people, especially teenagers.
    PS. Please continue to keep your eye on our pub, we will feel much safer.

  9. Hi Tom,

    This latest incident had nothing to do with any of the pubs in the area. It started with a crowd that were at a party in a cafe beside Haweli Indian and its not the first time there has been violence associated with this place. How on earth a cafe can get a licence is beyond me.

  10. It depends what time after dark you’re talking about. Due to evening commitments I have been walking through West Ealing late at night for the last couple of months (many other times over last 17 years)and haven’t felt threatened by any behaviour. Mind you, this is before midnight – the worst things seem to happen after then. I live on the Uxbridge Road and have for the past 13 years. It is what I can afford. I am more annoyed and disturbed by the poor state of the Uxbridge Road which causes vibrations in my flat than incidents like this (which I do not want, but which are rare). I was extremely angered by the riots and felt there was no outlet for my anger. But if decent residents do not go out after dark, the area WILL become a no-go area. Tonight, at about 10pm, I walked through the section where the trouble happened and it felt laid back – I even walked past a family with kids. There are far too many nice people around here for me to start living in fear. I always have an awareness and take care, but my overall impression is that it is not yet time to surrender the streets. I am a decent resident and I will continue to go!
    Stronger police presence and action needed. Parents need to keep their brainless 16-year-olds in at night. And if they are from out of the area, we have to make it a no-go area for them.
    Merry Christmas, everybody!!

  11. Ealing is a safe place, just because this crime happened there doesn’t make West Ealing the problem, nor the people who live in it. The fact that the A4020 runs through West Ealing has possibly makes it a meeting place for gangs to re-live what they play on their game gadgets. But it’s nothing new, gang warfare, guns, crime.. worse still is when innocent children end up the victims of lunacy, look at what happened at Sandy Hook school in Newton, US.

    If we focus on the problem it’s sure to get bigger, but who educated/encouraged the use guns in the first place? I don’t personally watch ‘gun’ movies, but the movie makers are raking in profits on teaching society that guns, weapons, violence bring solutions. Years ago when Western movies were popular kids would play cowboys and Indians, or armies rolling out imaginary tanks and canons in the playground, park, street. Violence has been woven into social culture, some people are making money out of it and some die. It’s certainly a problem in the world, not just in our local streets/communities.

    The problem is much bigger than West Ealing. I hope that there’s more focus on its positive attributes to encourage residents to feel safe, even if it means keeping vigilant.

    Peace, Love & Happiness to you all, for the Festive Season and throughout 2013

  12. The report below is from the Acton W3 Forum.

    The sad reality is that POLICE patrolling is absent on the streets of Ealing at night times. This is not the case in central London or even areas outside Westminster. One does come across police officers walking on the streets at late night hours. The council must act to improve patrolling and monitoring of social activities around the area.


    A TEENAGER was shot and another was repeatedly stabbed in a mass street fight in West Ealing at the weekend.

    About 100 yobs, most armed with bottles or knives, woke up neighbours with screaming and shouting as groups attacked and chased each other in Uxbridge Road West Ealing.

    Police believe the fight, which broke out close to the Island Spice Caribbean take away and bagel bar was gang related. It started about 1.30am on Sunday.

    An eyewitness told the Gazette: “There were about 100 to 120 of them, about 90 per cent of the males had something in their hands, a bottle or something shiny. It was weird. It would be calm until all of a sudden one group would run at another and there’d be a lot of screaming and shouting. It happened in waves. I couldn’t understand what was going on.

    “Then one guy came running with a knife at a group of about four or five who also had knives. He was running at them and they were moving back until one of the group got behind him and smashed him in the face with a bottle. He dropped to the floor and that’s when the group jumped on him and stabbed him. It was all very scary. It was like the riots again.”

    Witnesses say a staff member from Flanagans pub came out and shouted at the thugs before dragging the injured man to safety inside his premises.

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