It’s quackers! Ducks waddling around West Ealing – again!


It’s very odd but at least once a year I see, what look to me, to be the same three ducks mooching around the same part of West Ealing.  There are always two male and one female mallards and they always come to the same area along Leeland Terrace. They’ll wander round for a few hours and then fly off. It looks like someone’s put some water out for them this time. Sometimes I’ve seen them around by St James Church and other times where I saw them yesterday by the park bench on the corner of Leeland Terrace and Melbourne Ave. There must surely be a reason for them to keep returning but I’ve no idea what it is? Anyone else any ideas?

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  1. Happy to have a few ducks visit the neighbourhood! Same can’t be said about the pigeon population, scores of which seem to live above Cudi (not designed to be pigeon proof, unfortunately) when they are not being fed in Dean Gardens. There is a do not feed the pigeons sign hidden behind the bus stop at the park. Somebody seems to feed them outside Gasoline Alley (not sure what it’s called). The pavement gets dirty there. Not only do they foul public spaces, many of them return to live on buildings where they can damage structures by blocking drains etc.

    What may bring joy to some people (feeding pigeons) is joy without responsibility and causes misery for those whose properties are fouled and damaged. There is enough rubbish lying around in the streets for the pigeons not to starve. Tough action needs to be taken to stop people feeding pigeons and their numbers need to be culled to a more sustainable level!

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