West Ealing roof-top drama ends safely


The Uxbridge Road was shut for hours yesterday afternoon as emergency services dealt with a man threatening to jump off the roof on the corner of Leeland Road and the Uxbridge Road. A helicopter clattered overhead for some hours as police tried to talk him down. Some locals say the man had just come from the nearby magistrates court and managed to climb up the fire escape on to the roof above the betting shop and then threatened to jump. Roads were re-opened around 9.30pm and local traders could then clear away and get home.

(Photo by Jay Patel)


2 Replies to “West Ealing roof-top drama ends safely”

  1. I encountered the incident on my way home from work and I was disgusted to see that so many children were standing around watching, some joking about it. What was more disturbing was that some parents were watching with their own children. If the worst had happened, what sort of images would the children have to deal with? To an extent I can understand humour relieving tension during an unusual situation but I passed by saddened to think that my local neighbourhood contained so many heartless people.

    1. It is a shame that children have had to witness this! It’s outrageous! If he really wanted to do it!…he should have gone somewhere quiet!

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