New Community Shop opens in West Ealing – a cut above your average charity shop



I dropped in just after noon for the official opening of this new charity shop in West Ealing and it was jam packed with people looking, buying and enjoying the free food for the launch. The dressing of the shop window, its design, lay out and feel make it a cut above the average charity shop. A lot of thought and effort has gone in to making it look and feel like a good quality commercial retail shop. It has two main offers – a picture framing service and good quality second hand clothes.

The shop is near the traffic lights at the Eccleston Road junction and is run by Accession, a local social enterprise, and one of its aims is to ‘offer skills training and employment pathways into the mainstream job market, supporting the economically inactive and marginalised parts of the population for whom traditional employment training programmes and routes into work may not have succeeded. Prominent amongst this group are people with severe learning difficulties, people with enduring mental health needs and people on the autistic spectrum. Accession will also work with long term unemployed people from outside these groups.’

On this showing, this Community Shop will be a very welcome addition to West Ealing and help attract more shoppers to this end of the high street.


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  1. We dropped in for a bit just before 1 – it looks like it’s going to be great.

    Do we know what the opening hours will be?

  2. I stopped by at about 2pm and it was very busy. I didn’t try to get any cake but it looked good. Very stylish shop (I like do like your regular charity shops, though) and was impressed with what they had done with the window display as I had wondered what the space would be used for. Some interesting bits and pieces lying around and for sale – including an old plane which looked like it hadn’t been used for 50 years, but everything nicely presented. Hidden in a back corner was a wall of books – paperbacks 50p and hardbacks £1 – and some toys. Found two decent books there. I’ll probably go back when it’s a bit quieter and enquire about the picture framing services.

    I hope the shop does well because the last two shops in the location struggled. Fortunately they provide more diverse services than the Debra charity shop, and they are unique in their aesthetic pleasantness. Definitely a rose between two thorns on that part of the Broadway!

  3. our new shop open 8 june 2013 so coo and

    i need too say thank you too manager too sally and marsh and and carlione ane jude

    from tazi

  4. Hello

    I love the new shop its more like a vintage shop than a charity shop.

    I am going to be one of the resistance of the pop up shop in West Ealing and would really like to know where you got your display units.

    I also would like to talk to someone about you putting things in the shop to sell.


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