The new Morrisons Local in West Ealing opens on Thursday


The old Blockbusters stood empty and forelorn for some months and then work on the new Morrisons Local started and  it’s progressed very quickly and will open at 9am on Thursday.  On the corner of St James Ave and the Uxbridge Road this supermarket should bring some much-needed footfall down this end of the high street and, hopefully, benefit the nearby shops.

4 Replies to “The new Morrisons Local in West Ealing opens on Thursday”

  1. Good to see another empty (w13) building back in use,soon the adjoining empty building in st james ave which was if i can remember correctly being west london management college/school type of place,now have advanced plans for a Recovery,treatment centre for alcohol and drug users.
    They have my backing but they should have added help with people with gambling problems as well due to the increase in betting establishments in the local area.

  2. I quite agree with you Sunnie about gambling. One of the most addictive types of gambling is the fixed odds betting terminals (FOBT) so popular in betting shops. I think the actual recovery hub is at the new Community Shop across the road. The adjoining building has a print/design unit on the ground floor which trains people who have mental health needs, people with learning difficulties and those who have struggled to get back in to work.Both are run the a social enterprise – Accession.

  3. Has anyone visited the new Morrisons? I went in there as I needed some fresh veg on Sunday PM. What a complete disaster. All the fresh carrots were soft and all the brocolli was yellow. I ended up buy pre packed carrots and courgettes that didn’t look too appealing and then used neither as my partner made a mad dash to Waitrose near closing time. Needless to say no complaints with their produce. Maybe next time it’ll be a pint of milk and a loaf of bread, or tinned goods.

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