Time to stop drivers ignoring No Entry signs in Seaford Road


There appear to be some rogue drivers who persist in driving the wrong way up Seaford Road at the junction with Leighton Road. The No Entry signs are clear and I don’t think it’s drivers failing to see the signs. This week a nearby resident saw a car go through the No Entry signs and park and then challenged the driver who in turn knew full well what she had done. I know this short cut can be tempting but sooner or later there will be an accident and someone will get hurt. We need to find a way to deter drivers from this illegal manoeuvre. I will raise it at a meting with the Walpole Safer Neighbourhood Team next week but does anyone have ideas on what can be done to stop this happening?

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  1. It’s so dangerous and we know drivers know because they speed up to get through quicker which makes it even more dangerous. About five years ago, one afternoon, police stopped cars going the wrong way and issued a ticket.

    I don’t know the best way to stop this, but some ideas:
    * a camera
    * those flaps that flip up but go down when you go across them the right way. Only concern is that it might impede large emergency vehicles (and waste disposal trucks that can’t turn corners because of other parked cars).

    Any other ideas?

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