The Grosvenor pub in West Ealing to re-open at end of April

Food and Fuel, the new owners of The Grosvenor pub, met up with locals in one of their ‘Maggie’s’ outlets on New Broadway W5 last night (Tuesday 18th March). The Grosvenor name will be retained as will the stained glass and beautiful, original wooden bar and panelling. Five real ales are promised as well as English/Mediterranean/Gastro Pub food. No talk of juke boxes, pool tables or Sky Sports! Opening at 11am seven days a week with proper coffee and family friendliness this all sounds like a winner.

The refurb/rebuild has proved somewhat costly and upstairs apart from a live-in manager’s flat the function room has not yet been restored. Hopefully it will be later in the year.

Eric Leach

4 Replies to “The Grosvenor pub in West Ealing to re-open at end of April”

  1. Sounds good. The sign that used to sit on top of the cast iron post on the corner of Uxbridge Road and Grosvenor Road had been bent over in recent times. I see today that it is no longer there. Maybe it’s the end of a local landmark.

  2. The new owners seem to be trying to renovate and refurbish as much as they can – but some artifacts are just too far gone.You can now see the quality of the refurbishment of the roof and chimneys.It looks first class.

    The building is the local landmark and that’s clearly staying!

  3. Good to see the place being cleaned up and the pub retained,i will use it for meeting business friends/meals during the day,hopefully they will be happy to serve teas and coffee unlike the local destination pub nearby.

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