Researching local and family history talk Saturday 10th May

Local History Workshop at Ealing Central Library on Saturday 10th May 2.30pm. Cost £4

Speaking from personal experience , there’s always a surprise waiting when you start researching your family history. In my case it was my paternal great-great grandfather and how many children he had by whom and when – and I still haven’t got to the bottom of it. Let alone why on earth he appears to have sent his very elderly parents from Liverpool to a large house on the Isle of Man in the mid 1800s – a complete mystery!

Whether it’s local history or family history you might be interested in the Local History Workshop run by historians Dr Jonathan Oates and Dr Piotr Stolarski on Saturday 10th May in the Green Room at Ealing Central Library at 2.30pm. The cost is £4.  Places are limited so you can book by calling 020 3700 1052 or email

There are other talks as well:

Shops of Yesteryear by Prof Alan Gillett on 8th May at 6.15pm

The Private Asylums of Ealing by Paul Lang on 26th June at 6.15pm





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  1. The elderly ancestors sent to a large house on the Isle Of Man weren’t just there on a holiday which coincided with census night, were they? One of my ancestors was born on the Isle Of Man but the family used it as a holiday/stopover place as the father’s parents had roots in the north and south of Ireland (and Holland pre 1688) and the wife’s parents were from Suffolk. Census records show how regularly the population moved around the country.

  2. I tried contacting the library about this course using the email address given above and in Ealing Today. I got this response:

    “From 1st September 2013 Ealing Libraries will be managed by John Laing Integrated Services.
    This email address is no longer operational.
    Please re-send your message to
    Due to staff leave, messages to the new email address will not be read until 9th September 2013.
    If you have an urgent query please phone the relevant library. See for library phone numbers and opening hours.”

    So I tried forwarding my original email to the new address but got this response:
    “This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.
    Delivery to the following recipients failed.

    I am loathe to try phoning during work time in case I get put on hold for a long time. Perhaps I should post a letter instead.

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