150 days of community in West Ealing: Week 12

Welcome to Week 12 of our 150 days of community project. Don’t know what we’re talking about? Then click here. Here are some of the things that we’ve been up to in West Ealing in the last week:

On Saturday, Ealing Council gave away 22 tonnes of compost for those of you with green fingers – did you grab some? From Ealing Today this week:

Get your hands dirty at Walpole Park

Spring has sprung and Ealing gardeners are being urged to get mucky on Saturday 10 May and takeaway some free compost.

There will be 22 tonnes of the stuff available as part of Ealing Council’s annual compost giveaway which is held at Walpole Park.

It starts at 10am and is part of ‘Compost Awareness Week’ which runs from 5 to 11 May. Residents are advised to get there early, use the Lammas Park Gardens entrance, and check local parking restrictions.

Compost is made from recycled food and garden waste collected from homes across west London. Residents are asked to come with their own bags, containers and shovels as the compost will be loose. There will be a restriction on the quantity that can be taken by each person – approximately 100 litres.

Staff from the council’s recycling team and the West London Waste Authority will also be on hand with information and advice on composting.

Keith Townsend, executive director of environment and customer services said: “Using compost in your garden is a fantastic way to give your plants the nutrients they need to flourish. Making your own compost  saves you money and is an easy and environmentally friendly way to dispose of food and garden waste.

If you’d like to start making your own compost there are reduced prices on compost bins for residents.”

Compost can be made at home using garden waste, as well as everyday waste items such as peelings, teabags, coffee grounds and filter paper and scrunched up newspaper and cardboard.

Did we miss anything? Let us know!

We have another great list of seven ‘acts of community’ for this week – see how many you do – maybe you already do them!

  • Plant flowers at the base of street trees
  • Volunteer at the library
  • Form or join a running club
  • Return a lost wallet
  • Use public transport and start talking with those you regularly see
  • Ask neighbours for help, and reciprocate
  • Go to a local live music event

We’d love to hear from you if you do any of these things, or anything else that makes people smile in West Ealing. We have loads more suggestions of things you can do, if you want to jump ahead!

Ways to send us your contributions:

Send us an email – 150daysofcommunity@gmail.com
Write on our Facebook wall – https://www.facebook.com/groups/124290860921562/
Tweet at us – @WENeighbours
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