Fielding School CPZ rejected

Paul Conlan, one of the new Walpole councillors, has posted on the Ealing Today Forum that the votes have been counted and the proposed CPZ for the Fielding School area has been rejected. No further details yet available.

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  1. Crikey. This consultation closed on 18 April 2014. And after nine weeks we still don’t have published results of the consultation – just leaks from a newly elected Councillor. This result, if and when formally confirmed, is hugely significant for Northfield Avenue traders and for Broadway traders. It’s also hugely relevant to the West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum which is developing the 15 year spatial plan for the centre of West Ealing.

    What next for CPZ creep west of Northfield Avenue one wonders?

    1. The Council could do more to readily inform interested parties of decisions once they are made, especially for planning and licensing issues but also about “works in progress”. Seven years after it was supposed to be resurfaced, the Uxbridge Road is even more cracked and broken. When they start repainting the lines on it, I’ll be happy because that will be a sure sign that they are going to resurface it! SEVEN years, one complete Labour term of power in the council. Enough is enough. But what can I do? *@£# all! Just keep getting screwed for council tax.

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