Resident fined for cutting branches off a street tree

I saw this story on the Ealing Today website  whereby a man was seen cutting branches off a street tree in Perivale. He was seen, reported, charged with, and found guilty of, criminal damage and then fined £2,400.  I have to say that’s a pretty hefty fine but I was pleasantly surprised that the Council took the vandalism seriously.  Similar vandalism has happened near us in a street in West Ealing.  I don’t think anyone saw it happen but it’s worth knowing that if there’s sufficient evidence the Council will take action.

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  1. Mixed messages from the council. When I reported that some idiot had driven into a sapling in Eccleston Road, snapping the young tree and leaving a dangerous spike at the base, the council’s action was to remove the tree and pave over the hole. Very disappointing. Two other young trees on the other side of the road appear to be doing well. It’s just a shame there aren’t more.

    On the leafy, pretty but high-maintenance, Queen’s Drive in Acton, down which I have often seen Council Leader Julian Bell cycle, someone had driven into a young tree and knocked it out of the ground so it was lying on the road. As I approached on foot I witnessed numerous drivers driving over the upper branches which lay across the road. Not one of them stopped to pick the tree up off the road, so I lifted it up onto the footpath. It was replanted but has been struggling to survive, having been hit several times, partly due to being placed where larger vehicles lining up for the width restrictors can hit it. I’m sorry to put a downer on things but my faith in humanity, based on what I observe around me, is pretty low at the moment.

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