New Syrian restaurant Abu Zaad just opened in West Ealing


It’s taken a while for the fit-out to be finished but Abu Zaad is now open.  I think it’s the third of its kind with one in Shepherd’s Bush and one in Edgware Road.  Has anyone tried it yet as it would be great to hear people’s views?

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  1. Been twice now and absolutely love it – food is as good as the Shepherd’s Bush one (or dare I say it better as this one’s a walk away!), service is fast, friendly and just welcoming! Love the décor and the prices will want to make you go back. The fresh juices are incredible – my favourite’s always been the Damascene Tropical. Don’t miss the alcohol as we’ve got the Star & Anchor to the left of us and The Grosvenor W5 to the right! We were so excited at seeing this before it opened and just so ecstatic that it’s living up to its reputation. I’m booking for a big party group soon. They need to get their online social media presence going as surprisingly it’s not been busy and we’ve just managed to walk in and get good tables. Wouldn’t surprise me if very soon you’d have to start booking in advance! Can’t wait to go back! Oh, and as a veggie – just loved the amount of options which I still want to try! My partner’s not a veggie and he loved the special lamb tagine last night! We’re very lucky to have a real gem on our doorstep – will definitely become a ‘go-to’ destination for foodies!

  2. Fantastic, friendly staff 5 stars*****
    For me it’s much much better then Edgware Rd and sheferds bush branches.
    Decor, food, kids playing area with projected screen, very special family rooms loved it.

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