32-storey tower block proposed for North Acton

I saw this story of the Ealing Today website and it almost took my breath away. This development is planned on the ‘island site’ at Gypsy Corner on the Western Avenue at North Acton.  The full plan is  for eight tower blocks, one of 32-storeys, giving 764 flats and some 4,800 sq m of commercial space.  I worked on a part of this site for some 20 years when a lot of it was various BBC buildings including scenic stores, visual effects and rehearsal rooms.  Indeed, the BBC Rehearsal Rooms opposite the station was, at some eight storeys or so, by far the tallest building on the site.  Most were one or two storey old style office blocks or warehouses. I happened to go back there last week to look at some furniture in The Perfume Factory in Wales Farm Road, which used to be the Elizabeth Arden factory, and I was amazed then by how much this whole site has changed.  But this plan with its 32-storey tower is, well, just remarkable.  I can see some of the commercial logic as it’s right by North Acton tube station and a 10-minute walk from the planned Crossrail station at Acton Main Line.  I guess it’s an extreme example of how much of Ealing is changing with the huge pressure for more housing. Whether all these new flats will actually alter the nature of this area much will be interesting to see. There were very few shops in the area as it’s right on the edge of the Park Royal Estate but maybe that will change with so many people moving in. I’d be interested to know how the Coumcil will ensure there is sufficient healthcare and educational provision for all these new residents.

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  1. I’ve worked in the Park Royal / West Acton area since 1996 and regularly go to the North Acton playing fields for a walk during lunch. It is amazing how the buildings in the distance around North Acton tube station have sprung up over recent years – and they’re still being built.

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