Goodbye to Morrisons in West Ealing

Perhaps no great surprise that Morrisons, the one on the corner of the Uxbridge Road and St James Ave, is closing down today.  It must have been one of the 33 stores earmarked for closure as part of their reorganisation.  It never looked very busy whenever I passed by.  It’s just that block away from the main shopping area so not enough passing footfall.  I hope the staff are all able to be move to other nearby Morrisons stores.  It’s an odd position for a shop so it will be interesting to see what, if anything, takes its place. Could it work as permanent home for the Ealing Blueprint co-working business hub?

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  1. Well they gave it a go, morrisons have a plan to close stores but this closure has more to do with problems experienced from others.
    To name a few,shop lifting,drug dealing outside their door, outside drinking parties with scores of drunk men and women,store window being used as a toilet,neerdowells from the rise project hanging around their door discussing supply.
    The staff have always been polite and welcoming,hope they don’t get shafted.
    I say future use will be a take away.

  2. I always stopped off here on my way back from work – usually to see what was on special. I was always impressed by the staff – mostly young people – who had a friendly attitude and seemed intelligent. One of them told me they will be deployed to other branches. I wish them well. I saw them more as pioneers in this location because the Ealing Broadway shop was always going to be able to offer more and soak up trade. At least they were able to introduce the idea of shopping at Morrisons to more of the Ealing population.

    I have noticed lately that there seem to be an increased number of antisocial drinkers on West Ealing Broadway, making it a less pleasant environment, and making it feel less safe.

  3. I doubt a takeaway would take it as it’s a good size and I don’t know what access there is at the back for a kitchen/deliveries. I suspect another supermarket might appear but all (except Asda) have stores relatively nearby and it obviously wasn’t profitable for Morrisons. Would be good if we could get something a little upmarket as this area is a little run down. It’s not just Morrisons that had people urinating against the property, I live opposite and people urinate on the communal entrance to my door. Thankfully I’m just renting and will be moving soon.

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