Spectacular Chariot Festival in West Ealing this Sunday

Chariot Festival

The Sri Lankan temple in Chapel Road is holding its annual Chariot Festival this Sunday.  The Chariot Festival is by far West Ealing’s biggest annual event.  We have about 10,000 people attending this event from all over Europe and it transforms Dean Gardens and the surrounding area. This weekend of 8/9th  August sees the annual Shri Kanagathurkkai Amman Temple (SKAT) festival come to West Ealing once again. The festival culminates on Sunday with the Chariot procession leaving the Temple around 9am, and then returning at about 12pm via Mattock Lane, Culmington Road, and the Uxbridge Road. Dean Gardens will be full of stalls with Tamil food, lassi drinks, and selling bric-a-brac to fundraise for the Temple’s activities. It’s a great day out for everyone with lots of amazing sights, sounds and tastes.

4 Replies to “Spectacular Chariot Festival in West Ealing this Sunday”

  1. The Tamil Festival is all too much for local residents. This is a huge invasion and the area is not equiped to cope with such large numbers of strangers who give nothing to the area except mess. The Temple should move to a purpose built building with better access for parking – and the Chariot procession.

    1. I don’t agree, the festival is a terrific celebration & I have seen far greater mess & rubbish left at Walpole Park during the Summer festival. Upon what basis, is the assumption that this festival is “all too much” for local residents, made?

      1. Do you live locally? I do and find the temple to be extremely inconsiderate of neighbours. Last night, for instance, there was noise until mindnight. There are kids running around late, screaming, pots and pans being bashed about at 11.30pm on a weeknight, loud talking right outside our window. The noise doesn’t stop. I could accept it if it was for one day a year but it’s all the time. I’m interested; donyou live with this right outside your window or do you just get to see the ‘nice bits’ and then go home? We don’t.

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