Solace mental health drop-in centre’s future secured



Well done to everyone involved in helping secure the future of West Ealing’s Solace mental health drop-in centre.  At one point the centre was under threat of being closed altogether as part of the Council’s budget cuts (story here). However, last week’s decision by the Council to keep the centre running at its current level is to be applauded and well done to everyone involved  – users, staff, carers, councillors, council officials, and the local community.  The Council’s plan is to redevelop the site tucked away at the end of Bowman’s Close. The Solace Centre will be rebuilt to a design the users are happy with and then add three new flats for Marron House which is a mental health residential unit.  Work will start next summer at a cost of £640,000.

This is a great news for all the centre’s users and it recognises that mental health services are an essential part of a caring society.




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