Draft Neighbourhood Plan for West Ealing launched


After more than three years of hard work the West Ealing Centre Neigbourhood Forum has launched its draft plan for central West Ealing.  WECNF now wants your comments on its plan to enable them to finalise it and send it out for formal consultation and , if successful, for formal adoption as part of the planning framework  for West Ealing.  This plan is important for all of us who live and work in West Ealing.  It’s about how we want the centre of West Ealing to be developed over the next 15 years.  It will help decide what sort of commercial and housing developments happen, what they can look like, how high they can build, where they can be built and much, much more.  This plan matters.

The plan is now available on WECNF’s website.  There is a public meeting where it will be presented and you can give your views on Wednesday 2nd March 7.30pm at The Welshore Community Hub, 99 Broadway, West Ealing W13 9BP.

You can also email your comments to WECNF (details on their website) and the deadline is Monday 14th March.


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