Police raid Chignell Place in West Ealing again

Seen  by many residents as a ‘no-g0’ area, especially at night, Chignell Place was raided yet again by police on Monday. Some arrests were made and drugs found. Chignell Place has long had a bad reputation locally for crime and anti-social behaviour.  There have been stories of people painting out the yellow lines so they can park their cars there. Also, stories of traffic enforcement officers fearing to go there. Anecdotally, it’s also where groups of young men gather late night before heading off to Melbourne Ave and Dean Gardens where there are regular outbreaks of violence and anti-social behaviour.  All in all, a pocket of trouble and this is the second major police raid in a year. One radical solution has been proposed by West Ealing Centre Neighbourhood Forum which is to put a pedestrian route through to the West London Islamic Centre and Singapore Road. Full details are on page 31 on their draft neighbourhood plan.

What would you suggest to sort out this problem cul-de-sac, which in most other parts of London would be a premium site?

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  1. I would encourage redevelopment of the newer buildings behind the historic ones on either side of the entrance into medium-to-high-rise flats. Perhaps the council could sell the back part of the street to the developer and the existing entrance to the street could be retained as an entrance to underground parking, as well as the entrance/s to the new building. It could still be called Chignell Place. Given how applications to build higher have already been accepted for properties nearby – the mosque, BHS site and Green Man Lane (as well as the former Woolworths site, some years ago – if it hasn’t lapsed now) – building higher shouldn’t be a problem. And not being directly on the Uxbridge Road would be a benefit for residents. I used to think joining the site up to the mosque was a good idea but it wasn’t shown consideration in the plans approved for the new mosque and therefore probably isn’t wanted and it could impede improvements to the site in future. I can’t speak for the mosque but it could present them with an opportunity to sell a bit of their land at the Singapore Road/Walsingham Road corner and use the money to boost their fund to build their new Islamic centre. Just an idea.

    1. PS. I just saw on the WECNF website (response to BHS site planning application): “as part of the new WLIC mosque proposals Brownlow Road is pedestrianized”. I had no idea this area was mooted for pedestrianisation. I disagree with this proposal because it will reduce the number of routes vehicles can take to get to Singapore Road. It could be more pedestrian-friendly, though.

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