How can we make this patch of grass by Sainsbury’s look better?



I’m sure you all know this little piece of green on the corner by Sainsbury’s. It is home to dozens of pigeons, frequently covered in bits of bread and, sometimes, black bags of dumped rubbish.  It seems such a shame that it’s become an eyesore. What can we do to make it look better? If we can come up with some ideas WEN can put them to the Council and talk to them about these ideas.

I’ve heard a few ideas suggested such as cycle racks, artwork/sculpture and flowers, herbs and  shrubs (that can withstand the pigeons). I’m sure there are lots of other possibilities. Could you please spare just a few minutes to give us your ideas and comments so we can put these to the council. I can’t guarantee what the Council will decide but I’m confident we can put some really good ideas to them.

Pease email your ideas to us at

Many thanks for your help.

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  1. Regards the patch of grass by Sainsbury ‘s,the reason why there is a problem with pigeons is because they are be fed with bread etc.
    I have seen this be done when shopping in Sainsbury’s on many occasions.
    A far bigger problem is the feeding of Pigeons in Dean Gardens.
    A few years I complained to Ealing Council Parks that Pigeons were been feed with bread “On an industrial scale”
    I explained to the Council that the feeding was a major problem and one or two persons were responsible for feeding the Pigeons on both a daily and “Industrial scale”
    The Council refused to take action claiming they need photographic evidence, I explained to the Council that the local police and council workers knew who were responsible for feeding the pigeons .
    The council finally advised me that they they will be installing CCTV camaras in Dean Gardens , and when operational then they will take action.
    The CCTV cameras have been operational now for over two years,and to the best of my knowledge no action has been taken by the Council.
    Dean Gardens is still infested with Pigeons and a health hazard to the users of the park.

    1. Michael sums up my frustrations with the pigeon feeding in Dean Gardens. I have often seen people tossing out bread from plastic bags onto the lawn in Dean Gardens, however, as I have been passing by on the bus – on the way to do my job – I have not been at leisure to pop over the road and take a few snaps. I wish the Council would do ITS job and take action to stop this regular fly-tipping. The consequences of feeding pigeons – damage to buildings, pigeon poo everywhere etc – means that feeding them is tantamount to vandalism. There was a sign in Dean Gardens warning that it was illegal to feed the pigeons, however it seems to have been painted over a few years ago. I have never met Michael, whose comment I am replying to, but I thank him for letting me know that I’m not the only one who considers the pigeons and their feeders a problem. As for the space across from Sainsbury’s – whatever goes in there shouldn’t cause any disturbance to the people whose homes are nearby. Big, prickly plants, perhaps.

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