Petition to save art deco ‘Woolworths’ facade

West Ealing Centre Neighbourghood Forum (WECNF) has launched a petition to save the old Woolworths art deco facade from demolition as part of a planned redevelopment of the site by A2Dominion housing asociation.  WECNF has produced a spatial plan for the centre of West Ealing which includes a list of key heritage buildings/features it wishes to see preserved. The Woolworths facade is on this list.

You can read more about this story on this blog

You can sign their petition via their website.  

5 Replies to “Petition to save art deco ‘Woolworths’ facade”

  1. I think the Woolworth’s Art Deco Facade would enhance the architectural design of the future development, mixing old and new.

  2. Surely there is a law against this. I can’t believe they are allowed to pull down this Art Deco front.
    Awful awful lots of back handers going on if you ask me.
    This needs to get to programme where they restore buildings not pull down

  3. The developers demolished the trico building hours before it was listed. I hope it doesn’t happen to this site. It should definitely be saved.

  4. Too much of our heritage is being destroyed by planers and developers lining their pockets. Future generations deserve to have beautiful relics from the past to marvel over. I moved from Hanwell many years ago but similar decisions to demolish historically significant buildings where I now live were made and we are now culturally worse off. Not only have we lost great architecture but we have had rubbish prefab type buildings to replace it. Stop the rot!!!!!!!

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