Plans to expand Hindu temple in Chapel Road West Ealing

The Hindu Temple in Chapel Road ( Shri Kanaga Thurkkai Amman) has submitted an application to Ealing Council to construct a permanent building to replace the existing marquee on its site.  The new building would have a basement, ground and first floor and one of its functions would be as a meditation hall.  The temple is well known locally for its hugely popular and colourful annual Chariot Festival each August.

What is of concern to some local residents is the impact on parking and congestion in what is already a highly congested area.  Chapel Road is a very narrow street and is frequently heavily parked up with worshippers at this busy temple.

If you live nearby do please take a look at the Council’s website for more information about these plans.  Hopefully this link will take you to the planning search page and the reference number is 177615FUL.  The Ealing Dean Residents’ Association is opposing these plans.

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  1. Chapel rd is already congested with vehicles attempting to drive through at extremely slow speed as space is very tight due to over parking. Cars constantly park over drop kerb drives, disregarding wether they have blocked someone in or out.
    The road is often strewn with split limes, this may be a ritual from the temple but is dangerous to predestrians as is very slippy, attracts vermin and is litter.
    Extending the temple will only cause more of the above. Are the council going to make this rd safer by making it one way or double yellow on one side so that a fire engine or ambulance could fit down the road. At present emergency services would have great difficulty using this street or arriving at any incident on this road!

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