What’s it like to walk along the Uxbridge Road? Council wants your views

Ealing Council is seeking views on what it’s like for pedestrians to use the Uxbridge Road. Working with Sustrans (a leading active travel charity) they are carrying out a survey of people who use or cross Uxbridge Road in Ealing, looking at the entire length from Acton in the East of the Borough to Southall in the West. This survey is looking to improve the experience and safety for all those using the pavements and crossings, including pedestrians, those using mobility scooters, people in wheelchairs and people with pushchairs.

Click here to give your comments.  The survey runs until Monday 12th November.

4 Replies to “What’s it like to walk along the Uxbridge Road? Council wants your views”

  1. Too much traffic and too many long vehicles that should be restricted to motorways. This has caused a fatality last year and continues to create risk for people crossing the road as they can’t see us and they can’t stop in time.

  2. Selfish driving is a big problem – particularly the very noisy motorbikes with their drivers who rev aggressively when stationary. Noisy cars and stereos blaring. Some of the buses are extremely loud and assault ones ears. Traffic pollution is bad but also is the smoke from people smoking outside businesses, and especially the smoke that comes from the shisha cafes and permeates the neighbourhood. It’s easy to know you are near a shisha cafe in West Ealing or Acton just by the thick stench of flavoured tobacco. How is it not a scandal that such “businesses” are allowed to operate underneath, next to, nearby, people’s homes? If an hour-long shisha smoking session is the equivalent to smoking 200 cigarettes (WHO), the cumulative effect of the smoke entering people’s living spaces cannot be healthy. This is an issue which I would like WEN,and other organisations who champion public health and the NHS, to take up. A lot of people may only visit this stretch of road to use the shops or get from A to B, but there are a lot of people who live here and if more people are to be housed close to the Uxbridge Road, authorities need to take action to ensure a decent quality of life and a diverse range of residents. Otherwise we will end up with effectively a private sink estate on the high street.

  3. Once I get to West Ealing I lose the will to live. Closed shops and the ones that are open mostly just selling tat. Even Hanwell Broadway seems more thriving these days by comparison and that’s saying something. Put some effort into the place for goodness sake! I’ve lived here since I was a kid (I’m 57) so I’m not some nouveau arriviste moaning about the area. WE has been the poor cousin to EB for decades but these days it feels like it’s decline is terminal.

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