A new film shows how our skyline is changing with ever more tall towers being planned

A new short film, Ealing – The Sky’s the Limit, by the Red Block Rebels gives a guided tour to the extraordinary number of towers built, being built and planned to be built right across the borough – 181 in total so far.

Members of Ealing Matters, which include West Ealing Neighbours, have been working under the Red Block Rebels brand to highlight the major developments which could bring up to 120,000 new residents in to the borough. These developments will change Ealing forever so we think it’s important everyone knows what is happening.

Ealing Matters has published a statement on its website with more information about this new film and how far these developments and the planning process have deviated from the Council’s own Local plan. The Council is now working on a new plan but will it abide by its own rules?

You can also visit the Stop The Towers website for more information on Red Block Rebels and their campaign.

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