Protests grow against Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

Sunday saw a number of street meetings and protests against the Council’s planned series of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (see story below for full details of the plans). The LTNs will be operational by early September with a six-month review period. It seems certain the Council will go-ahead with these LTNs despite the protests.

Once these LTNs are in place residents who still wish to object will be able to give their views to the Council during the consultation. The Council is due to write to all residents in the LTN areas explaining the reasons why the LTNs are being brought in and how to make their comments. We will follow up about the consultation once details are available but one obvious step is to notes and photographs any problems that result from the LTNs to send as evidence for the consultation.

Wednesday 5th August: The LTN south of The Broadway is due to be installed on 24th August.

Photo: Gill Shaw

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