Plans for 26-storey tower for redevelopment of Perceval House site

The long-awaited planning application for the redevelopment of Perceval House on Ealing Council’s own land has been submitted. In brief, the application details plans for 477 flats, the Council’s new and smaller headquarters along with a new library and office space.

The development will accommodate seven new buildings including a 26-storey tower. It looks as if this development will take the same approach as Dickens Yard and put the taller buildings at the back (north) of the site near the railway line.

The above image, taken from the application, shows the planned development from the Uxbridge Road.

Concerns about the number of tall towers already built, being built and planned to be built in the borough were looked at in a special film made by Red Block Rebels back in May of this year. The planned 26-storey tower for the Perceval House site is featured in this film though some of the other details may now have changed slightly.

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  1. I would object very strongly to the proposed redevelopment plans for Perceval House. The blindingly obvious problem is the height. Totally out of keeping with anything in Ealing. Possibly dangerous, re fire safety. Grenfell Tower should have taught us a lesson. It will take light and views from a huge number of existing properties, including those in Craven Avenue and Dickens Yard. The current Covid situation should teach us that it is simply dangerous to have too many people living together. Covid is not going away. This scheme is entirely irresponsible at the present time. There are people in the borough, which has at the moment, very high Covid rates, who are relying on food banks.

    This is gross negligence.

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