Cameras to replace some barriers for West Ealing South LTN

Ealing Council has announced that number plate recognition cameras (ANPR) will replace physical barriers at three sites in the West Ealing South LTN following further consultation with the emergency services.. These are:

Junction of Oaklands Rd and Grosvenor Rd

Junction of Leighton Rd and Seaford Rd

Junction of Leighton Rd and Coldershaw Rd

What isn’t clear is whether only emergency vehicles are allowed through these new checks or whether residents living in this LTN can drive through them. We will try to clarify this. The Council’s update about this can be found here.

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  1. The common sense approach at this stage would be to allow local resident CPZ permit holders to use these channels/junctions without being fined. Most local households are paying hundreds of pounds annually on top of their road tax fees for the right to park outside their own homes, the council has the registration details of all these vehicles, it should provide them an exemption to partially move around in their local area freely.

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