Council rejects application for Manor Road tall tower

Tonight’s Council meeting narrowly voted against the plans for a tall tower in Manor Road next to West Ealing station. Whether or not this is the end of this story is another matter.

Here’s a link to our original story about this application. The 25-storey tower was reduced in height when the plans were actually submitted.

We will add more to this story tomorrow:

To add a bit more information. There were over 2,400 objections to this application received by the Council including one from West Ealing Neighbours. As mentioned above, the original application was amended to reduce the height of the main tower from 25 storeys to 20 although the other tower was raised so the total number of homes remained at 144.

The Council meeting last two and a half hours and at the end the voting was four in favour, six against and two abstentions. The chair Cllr Monro said he would have voted in favour had he needed to vote. So, it was a pretty close vote given two councillors abstained.

WEN very much hopes that if the developers, Southern Grove and its partner Thames Valley Metropolitan Housing, want to continue with plans for this site that they will now actually talk to local residents’ groups about what is in keeping with the area. There is widespread recognition that this area could benefit from sympathetic development and that this can be achieved by taking the time and effort to work with local groups and not against them.

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