Appeal launched to fund detailed residents’ survey of West Ealing South LTN

LTNs remain a divisive issue for our local community. WEN has carried out two informal online polls about LTNs and both have some back with a high percentage of respondents strongly against LTNs. Our first poll had 921 respondents and 71% were strongly against LTNs. This figure increased to 83% (out of 700 respondents) in our second poll.

One of people’s biggest concerns is the lack of consultation before the LTNs were introduced. One local group set up as a result of the LTNs is CAMTAG (Coldershaw and Midhurst Traffic Action Group). One of their aims is to carry out a comprehensive interview based survey in the West Ealing South LTN in early summer – towards the end of the 12 month consultation period. To do this they need to raise £5000 and have set up a funding appeal to raise this amount. You can find out more about this appeal and their aims here

It’s important that everyone with a view has the chance to comment on the LTNs as the Council will take these views in to account when they come to make their final decision on LTNs. The Council has set up a dedicated online Commonplace platform for people to give their comments. Please do take a few minutes to leave your comments.

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